30 Ways Twitter Can Enhance Your Acting Career

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Twitter is an excellent, completely free PR tool that more actors than ever are using to network and build relationships online. Here are 30 ways you can use it to advance your acting career.

  1. Grab your name on Twitter (and all of your social media accounts)! If someone has it, try adding your middle initial or “actor.”
  2. Make your account public! You can’t build a fan base with a private account.
  3. Use a headshot as your profile picture on all of your social media accounts.
  4. Create a kick butt header photo (1500x500 pixels) that shows us who you are!
  5. Write a great bio using career-specific keywords (actor, SAG, AEA, voiceover, etc.).
  6. Add your location to your profile so people using Twitter search to find actors in their area can find you.
  7. Add a link to your website. If you don’t have an actor website yet, link your IMDb, about.me page, or a social network.
  8. Choose a theme color that matches your profile, header photo, and your website.
  9. Pin a welcome tweet to your profile. This can be a quick video introduction, a photo, or a way to direct followers to your website.
  10. Twitter is a great place to network with new people, but don’t forget connections you’ve already made! Link your email accounts to find people you know on Twitter.
  11. Cross promote your social media accounts. Occasionally ask your followers to join you on Instagram or Snapchat! Beware of automatically linking your accounts—you don’t want your Twitter feed to be nothing but Facebook and Instagram links.
  12. Use video! Either upload a 30-second clip or hit record to show behind-the-scenes clips or clips from your latest gig. Video is a great way to get your tweets noticed.
  13. Turn on notifications for important industry contacts!
  14. Tweet congratulations to friends and colleagues for their personal and professional achievements!
  15. If you had a great audition or meeting, send a tweet thanking them for their time, advice, or company!
  16. Tweet about your new videos on your YouTube Channel! I also upload the thumbnail or an interesting screenshot to the tweet!
  17. Build your fan base by including your username in your bio when you do a show.
  18. Add a Twitter feed to your website! The follow button will help grow your fan base!
  19. Use Twitter’s “advanced search” to network with like-minded people based on hashtags and keywords!
  20. Use popular industry hashtags like #actorslife, #acting, and #setlife to reach an audience beyond your followers and to invite new people to join your conversation!
  21. Be social! Check your mentions and notifications regularly! Retweet, reply, and react!
  22. Take part in industry Twitter chats to meet new people in the business!
  23. Grow your following by adding your handle to your email signature! Every email is an opportunity to get a new follower!
  24. Share industry related content. Always include their username!
  25. If there’s someone in the business whose films, articles, or classes you enjoy, make them your #FF (Follow Friday) of the week!
  26. Engage with your fans! Retweet stage door photos your fans have posted! When fans write, don’t forget to favorite and retweet when appropriate! The more you engage, the more engaged your fans will be.
  27. Use Periscope to film behind the scenes footage and live performances (when allowed). Periscope videos now broadcast live in your Twitter feed!
  28. If someone posts an awesome tweet about your performance, embed it on your website!
  29. Are you on a network or cable TV show tonight? Why not live tweet while watching? Be sure to use the show’s hashtag! You may get some new fans!
  30. Organize the people you follow into lists! This helps you focus on tweets from the people who matter most!

For tons more ways to use Twitter for your career (plus detailed instructions how to do all of the 30 above) enter to win my Twitter Essentials for Actors class here!

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