3 Wellness Tips for Being Camera-Ready

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Congratulations! You nailed the audition, landed the role, and you have an important photo shoot coming up. Now all you need to do is look your best for camera. Below are three top tips for looking flawless on TV, film, and stills.

1. The camera adds over 10 pounds. Sorry, it’s actually closer to 15. Water weight is typically the culprit for facial bloating, and what’s worse, the few extra pounds always show in the face first. So the best way to drop this excess weight fast is to avoid salts, alcohol, and processed foods. Frozen foods and eating out are the most common culprits. Cooking at home and eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet at least five days before your shoot will make a world of difference. Try to avoid the midnight snack or eating after 8 p.m. If you need an extra boost, morning cardio before eating is the quickest way to tighten up.

2. Know your angles. As an actor, you have to know your face and what angles are the most flattering for your facial structure. If you have a wider face, anything from above is going to look good. If you have a thin face, a slight turn to the side does wonders. Remember, the camera loves structure and angles. If you have a long, sharp face with defined features, your life can be easier. The camera automatically loves you as it highlights the contours of your chiseled structure. With a rounded face, slight structure can really help. So hitting the gym, cutting the salts, and having the makeup artist contour your face will help. But always remember, you are getting hired for a particular character. If you are cast as the fun-loving, overweight best friend, don’t show up on set with six-pack abs. The important thing here is to know your face, know yourself and your marketability, and do your best to fulfill that.

3. Prepare your mind. That’s right, I went and got all spiritual on you. Now I’m not pushing that you go see a guru or go on a pilgrimage to India, but I am going to go “Star Wars” on you for a moment. When you are in front of the camera, you are a performer and it’s important that you can access all of the skills and talents that are inside of you, at will. Anxiety and nerves often block our creative process and the ability tap into our inner-most talents. So it’s important that you come to set prepared with techniques to calm your mind. What works for one person might not work for another. I find that breathing and visualization helps for my actors. Perhaps it’s a daily yoga class and stretching right before you get on set. If you need to jump on one foot and recite Shakespeare, so be it! The method to your madness is up to you, but find what works and stick to it.

You are now armed with incredible tools for being camera-ready, so make sure you take the time to practice and implement these three tips before you get on set. The more you practice, the more easily you will be able to harness your inner power and shine.

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