What Voiceover Actors Need to Know About Motion Capture in Video Games

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This week on the VO School Podcast we’re talking about motion capture…or is it performance capture? Or maybe facial capture?

In fact, it’s all three. How does each one work? What do you need to know to work in all three? How can an actor forge a career in this mysterious corner of the video game industry?

Find out in my discussion with Carlo Mestroni, voice actor and voice and performance capture director extraordinaire from Montreal, Canada. Mestroni has worked on many video games including “Rainbow Six: Siege” and “Assassin’s Creed: Origins.”

We discuss T-poses, facial range of motion (ROM), eye lines, and volumes. We also talk about a typical working day, the unique challenges present in motion capture, and what to expect in your first mo-cap session.

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Jamie Muffett is a British voice actor and podcast producer based in Philadelphia. Jamie is best known for playing Thatcher in “Rainbow Six Siege” and has voiced for clients including NBC, ESPN, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and National Geographic. He also produces Backstage’s “In The Envelope” podcast. For more information: JamieMuffettVO.com.
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