Where to Promote Your Casting Notice for a Broad + Diverse Response

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Photo Source: Unsplash courtesy Rupert Britton

Backstage is the perfect place to post your casting notice, but there’s always more that can be done. Backstage’s amazing database of talented actors, models, and other performers will be able to find your notice, but you might be seeking a specific type of talent or you might want to open up your search to “real people” who aren’t actively looking for performing opportunities. That’s when you need to get creative. The internet has made it possible to spread your message in so many ways and get in touch with people and organizations you might never have known about. Backstage’s team of casting pros has some suggestions where, after you post on Backstage.com, you can seek out talent beyond the on-site database.

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Social media, social media, social media.
“Get the word out on Instagram, Twitter, and local communities that may house a “type” you’re looking for. Street casting is amazing if you have the time and the right approach.” —Hannah Williams, U.K. Casting Specialist

Casting directors can always post the link to their casting notices on their social networks to help spread the word and get the casting call more visibility.” —Melinda Lowenstein, Managing Casting Editor

“If you’re looking for an actor who might be part of a special niche, there’s probably a Facebook group for it! Also, don’t forget the keyword search in Backstage’s own Browse Talent database.” —Gillian Heller, Casting Account Manager

Be your own biggest fan without inundating people with it in their faces. Pin your casting call tweets to the top of your feed. Put the link in your Instagram bio. Make it part of your presence. Posting about it every day may have an undesirable effect.” —Dan Gelb, Casting Editor

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Get creative with some outside-the-box places that could have the perfect candidate.
“I always recommend spreading a net as far and wide as you can. It just makes the job easier in the long game, and is a big help in finding new talent and not just using the same performers over and over.” —Elijah Cornell, Casting Account Manager

“I always ask people to share their Backstage listing with the Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts. It’s time we start making the talent pool look a lot different than it does.” —Veronika Claghorn, Casting Account Manager

“Community associations can be good for very specific casting, i.e. Native American cultural and community associations can be good to reach out to if seeking Native American actors or disability advocacy groups can be useful if seeking talent with disabilities. Looking outside of your immediate location is certainly beneficial if the production has the budget to pay for travel and accommodation for actors. Reaching out to individual state film commissions can be useful for circulating cast and crew calls.” —Katie Swabb, Casting Editor 

“Social media is great, but consider sending your notice to local theater companies. Theater actors are great, and often you’ll find a really amazing talent pool in your local theater community.” —Christina Kleppinger, L.A. Casting Specialist

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