Why Actors Must Make a Good First Impression—And How to Do It

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Photo Source: Freya Lund

For Brooklyn-based Freya Lund, every morning starts with Backstage, which she uses to stretch herself as an actor.

Her recent gig offered something new.
“The character in ‘Boozy Mickey’ is extremely broken—quite different from what I normally play. She deals with her problems on the surface by getting into fights, drinking, and making stupid choices. But really, she is just so shattered.”

Impressions count.
“I always make sure I leave a good impression on anybody I work with. I think that is key to maintaining a healthy relationship with people in the field: Work hard and be professional. Kindness goes a long way in this industry.”

Backstage keeps it interesting.
“I use Backstage virtually every day. I’ve been using it now for just under two years. I always come back because the standard of work and auditions are high, and it has everything from theater [to] film, commercials…. I’m always able to find interesting work.”

Her ‘Boozy Mickey’ audition was explorative.
“The audition was extremely fun. I read with the lead guy who had already been cast and [we] instantly connected and had fun with the script. Our director is very open to improve, so we were able to play and explore, even in the audition…. Always remember to have fun and treat every audition as a way to perform and take risks.”

Start the day with Backstage and you’re on your way.
“My advice [for other actors is]: start every morning with Backstage! I get the most out of my Backstage profile because I’m so active on it. I have my headshots and reels attached to it so I can link it up to any director or casting director I meet.”

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