Why You Are Your Own Harshest Critic

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New York–based actor Josh Saleh is on Backstage more than 10 times a day for one simple reason: “Work begets work.”

You’re your most important critic.
“In this industry, we rely so heavily on what people think of us, but only you know what is best for yourself. Be confident in who you are, take the time to find your voice, and be the best 'you' you can be.”

Backstage is as easy as it is effective.
“[I’m on Backstage] every day. I check the casting call list five to 10 times a day, depending on notifications. [I keep coming back] because of the ease of use of the app and website, and the detailed information for each cast breakdown.”

Fill in all the blanks.
“Your profile should represent who you are. It is essentially your sales pitch. Make your profile as polished as you can. It is best to have the entire package: headshot, reel, résumé, and audio (if the casting requires it) when submitting.”

Industry tact goes a long way.
“Being able to work with a wide network of professionals helps your career tremendously…. As a host, I look mainly for hosting roles, and from there, I will look for commercials. The types I look for are energetic, boy-next-door, and roles with outgoing personality.”

Put humanity first.
“Respect and kindness goes a long way in any profession, so be sure to lead with that. This is a marathon, not a sprint. If you need to find your ‘why,’ take the time to do so.”

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