5 Worthy Audition Training Classes and Workshops

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You could be the most talented actor in the room, but if you’re bad at auditioning you might never land the role. Here are some programs to help you nail your future reads.

Hal Masonberg’s Commercial Acting Workshops

This California coach offers audition training classes in subjects including on-camera commercials, advanced commercial auditions, and film and TV auditions.

Keep It Real Acting

Judy Kain offers an advanced callback class in which students learn about callback traps and how to avoid them, and participate in simulated auditions over the course of just four weeks in North Hollywood.

Monologue Audition

Karen Kohlhaas offers her monologue training workshop in sessions with just eight actors each, ensuring an intimate learning environment. The NYC class teaches you how to enter and leave an audition room, and everything in between.

Collaborative Arts Project 21

NYC’s CAP21 offers audition training, but more specifically offers a weeklong college audition prep program in which students practice vocal audition technique and monologues, and can take private voice lessons if they choose.

Margie Haber Studio

Margie Haber offers various levels of on-camera training at her Los Angeles studio. She also teaches her “Live the Life” audition technique session all over the country. With more and more auditions moving on-camera, Haber can teach you how to nail your audition every time.

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Margie Haber
Margie Haber is known as Hollywood’s audition guru and for the last 30 years, has coached hundreds of well-known actors including Brad Pitt, Kyle Chandler, and Tiffany Haddish. The Margie Haber Studio provides acting classes and workshops in Los Angeles. Learn to audition with power and confidence and truly step into another person’s life. Remove the anxiety that creeps into your auditions and start booking. Every Monday at 2 p.m., Margie does a free mini-class!
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