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* Important Note: Sheets of blank Avery 5260/5160 address labels (or equivalent) are required to print these labels correctly. Blank address labels are sold separately; they can be purchased at or at most office supply stores.

Call Sheet: The Entertainment-Industry Contact Directory

The addresses of entertainment-industry professionals change frequently; new versions of these mailing labels are posted periodically with updated info. When you purchase a mailing label file from Backstage, you can use the labels multiple times. However, your purchase does not include updates; to receive the newest version of the labels you'll need to make a new purchase. We recommend purchasing new labels at least once a year, or visit to find the newest mailing addresses for each individual office. (Call Sheet Online includes contact details for all of the casting directors, agents, and managers listed in these mailing labels, plus hundreds of additional individuals and companies from across the U.S., as well as phone numbers, links, credits, submission instructions, and email addresses not available on the mailing labels.)

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