Using Your Account

Below is an overview of the Casting Tools on the Backstage website.



>>> How to Edit Your Profile

Once you have created your profile, you'll notice that the navigation at the very top of the page has changed. 

A Find Talent link is available, in case you want to search our Talent Database and see what other actors are doing with their Backstage profiles. A Job History link will direct you to the jobs for which you previously applied.   The Help link leads you to the FAQ pages. A link that simply says My Profile allows you to view your acting profile at any time. 

Another link, with your first name, includes a dropdown menu with the following options:

To Edit Your Profile, click on "Edit Profile" or click on "Edit my Profile" in the top left corner of your profile page.


>>> How to Search Casting

Okay, you have your subscription and now you are ready to find all the notices that you fit your type.  Let's get started.

1)  Log in to your Backstage account and click on "Casting" in the top navigation.

2)  When you open the page, you'll notice that a number of casting results already appear. 

3)  A number of filters that allow you to customize your search will appear to the right of the search results.

4)   In the title bar of each Filter is a "+" or "-" sign.  A plus sign will open the filter; a minus sign will close it.

Results are dynamic.  As you choose each filter, the search results should update to fit the new selection.

Want to start over?  Click on "Clear All" at the top of the right filter column, next to Filter Results. 


>>> Saved Searches

You've gone through and selected all the filters that are perfect for the kinds of roles you want.  Now, save the search for later.

To do, so, click on the Save This Search button in the upper right corner. A pop-up box will appear.

Here you will name the search and decide whether you want to receive regular email notifications.

You can save multiple searches for the different kinds of roles you want: Dancer, Singer, Film, Theater, etc.  Once you save a search, it will automatically appear in the upper right corner in Casting, so you can instantly run the search by clicking on your Saved Search.

>>>  Instant Access

Backstage allows casting directors to publish a notice before we've had the chance to complete our vetting process.  It's called Instant Access.

When you see a casting notice with the Instant Access note at the top, you can apply to the notice. Backstage staff will review the notice and remove any notice that we discover to be unreputable.


>>>  Casting Notices

What elements are important in a casting notice on Backstage? Here's a brief overview.  Note that some parts only appear if they are applicable to a specific project.

>>> How to Apply for a Role

As you review casting notices, it is easy to apply for specific roles.  You have two options.

Under Seeking Talent, you can apply for individual roles with the Apply Now link next to each description. 

In the upper right corner of the page you'll see a dropdown menu that lists each role.  You can select from the dropdown menu to apply.    

Once you select a role, you will be directed to a role-specific page which more fully describes the role, includes sides and how to submit.  If the production is an open call, you should see a Google Map of the audition location. 

If the production is taking online submissions, you will see a large red "Apply Now" button in the upper right corner. Click on it, and a pop-up will appear.  

Here you can customize your application for the project.  You can select from your headshots and demo reels, as well as add a personal note to the director highlighting your specific qualifications.

>>> Your Job History

You can view the jobs you've applied to by clicking the "Job History" link on the very top of the page when in the Casting section of Here you will see your application history, and you can review the productions and roles you've applied to in the past.

>>> How to Manage Your Posted Jobs

If you have casted a project on Backstage and would like to review it, click on the My Posted Jobs page in the "My Account" dropdown menu at the top of the site.

The page includes a list of recent notices. Each notice is in collapsed view; click on the "+" sign to view details such as Status, Date Entered, Expiration, number of Applicants and Email Notifications.

You can review the unfinished applications called Open Drafts or casting calls that are no longer active called See Expired Jobs

In the right side of the page are there is a link to the Talent Database if you'd like to search for performers, as well as any submissions you have received from a casting call you posted.