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Simplify and streamline your casting process to find the perfect performers for your project.

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List your casting notices and auditions to immediately broadcast your project to thousands of actors and performers.

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Quickly and easily review performer submissions and hand-select talent from our Talent Database.

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Cast Your Project

Organize applications, schedule auditions, and book the best talent for your project.

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Post a casting notice for your project and immediately get seen by over 250,000 actors and performers looking for great roles. It’s the easiest way to get your project cast quickly and find great talent.

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Why trust Backstage?

Since 1960, Backstage has served as the #1 platform for filmmakers and casting directors to find top-notch talent, including some of today's well-known stars. Backstage offers a sleek and innovative suite of advanced and easy-to-use online casting tools with over 100,000 international performers submitting to projects every day. Finding the right talent for your project has never been easier.


Our industry-leading tools help you find perfect performers for your project.

Your gold mine of performers

  • Browse profiles of actors, models, voiceover talent and other performers. This is where you can check out their headshots, video reels, resumes and more to find the perfect performer you need for your cast.
  • Organize talent for your current and future projects, simplify search by using filters, add performers to your production roster, or tag a performer, which saves their profile for later use.
  • Find talent

Everything in its place

  • Project manage and organize your casting notices for each production. It’s the starting place to manage your projects on Backstage and makes it quick and easy to keep track of your active, draft, and expired productions.
  • Edit production details and navigate to the Application Manager to manage your talent for each production.

Communicate, coordinate, connect

  • Easily communicate with talent on Backstage and simplify the process of coordinating auditions, gathering information from prospective cast members, or answering questions from performers interested in your project.
  • Chatting is quick, reliable and completely secure, so there’s no need to share your personal contact information until you’re ready.

The final roundup

  • You’ve narrowed down your top picks from the Talent Database -- now it’s time to review your options. Take your time and assess the details of each applicant.
  • Every applicant's video reels and audio recordings are just one click away. Now, you can quickly see media by clicking the play button on the actor’s headshot.
  • Review candidates on a role by role basis, organize them into folders, and filter them by union status, age range, location and more. Who will you select to bring in for an audition?

It's a team effort

  • If you’re working with a team to cast your project, invite them to view your selections as a collaborator and work together for pick the perfect cast.
  • Collaborators are granted full access to your project's Application Manager so that you can view and organize applicants, send and receive messages, and add notes as a team.

Casting ahead of the curve

  • You know exactly who you need to fill your roles -- go find them! While performers are browsing casting notices, you can also proactively invite your favorite performers to audition for your project.
  • When browsing talent in the Talent Database, clicking the “Invite” button will immediately send them an invitation encouraging them to apply. It’s a great way to get your project noticed by performers you’ve got your eye on.

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Find the best talent for your project with Backstage today.

Want to learn more about our tools? Check out the user guide for creators.

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