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Save time and skip the paperwork. Now you can pay talent directly on Backstage! Manage your full project lifecycle — from hiring talent, to receiving deliverables, to payment — all in one place.

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Key Features

Make payments instantly

Backstage lets you quickly and securely pay talent for a role. No need to manage bank details or reconcile off-platform payments, we keep it easy and organized.

Streamline project management

Now you can hire talent, collaborate on deliverables, and pay for work all in one place. Securely manage your entire project lifecycle on Backstage.

Improve privacy and security

We use Stripe to process all transactions, the same payments platform used and trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Payments are quick, accurate, and secure.

Simplify tax compliance

Avoid dealing with 1099s. When you pay talent with Backstage, we’ll automatically report all necessary tax forms to the IRS for you.

How It Works

Here’s an overview of how Backstage Payments works:


Select the performer you’d like to hire.

Example images of performer card with payments icon selected

You can send them a payment directly, or order an asset (such as a video or audio file).

Example image of payment forms

If you order an asset, you can approve it before you pay. Or, you can send payment right away.

Example image of payments dashboard

Your talent is paid securely via Stripe, and we take care of your 1099s.

Example image of the payment form with credit card entry

You can manage your entire project lifecycle, from hiring to payment, with Backstage Payments.

Example image of a completed payment success message

Go to our Help Center to learn more on how you can use Backstage Payments to streamline your casting and hiring process, and for FAQ.

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