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Search more jobs than any other platform and get cast fast.

Search made simple

Simplify your search of over 6,000 roles using our filtering tool. Search by location, production type, role type and more to find the perfect part.

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Save your searches to automatically receive alerts when new roles that match your interests are posted.

Thousands of roles available

With thousands of notices posted every day by casting directors and creators, your perfect role is closer than you think.

Showcase your talent

Flaunt your best headshots and present your performance skills to thousands of casting directors and creators. There’s no better time than now.

Market yourself

Your Talent Profile is an opportunity to market yourself as a performer. Complete your profile and take advantage of unlimited photo, video and media uploads to boost your chances of getting noticed.

Do it with ease

Easily toggle between preview and editing modes to add content and see what your profile will look like to Casting Directors and creators – all from the same place.

Get discovered

Creating a Talent Profile puts you in the pool of other performers being considered for roles in our Talent Database.

It's all about who you know

Our Messaging platform lets you talk directly to casting directors and put your networking skills to work.

First impressions are the most lasting

When you apply to a role, you’re able to send a message to the person who posted the job. Expressing your interest can go a long way.

A personal invitation

When a Casting Director or creator is interested in you, they can reach out directly through Backstage. When the door opens for you, considering taking a step!

Notifications keep you in-the-know

Get an email or mobile notification right away when you receive a new message in your Backstage inbox, making it easy to reply promptly.

Unlimited storage and total control

Consider the Media Locker your online hard drive for as many files as you’d like, ready to pick and choose from for every application you submit.

Limit-free means worry-free

Backstage allows you to upload unlimited photos and media to your account. Never worry about storage limits or extra charges.

Perfect picks for the perfect role

Pick and choose which media to make public, send with an application, or keep completely private -- it’s completely your call.

Edit, crop and control

Crop photos and edit captions to perfection, managing exactly how you’ll be seen by creators and casting directors, all within your Media Locker.

Unlimited applications means unlimited opportunity

We’ll never limit your chances of finding a great role.

No limits, no restrictions

We’ll never restrict how many jobs you can apply for or make you pay extra beyond a certain number of applications. Apply to your heart’s content.

Quick and easy applications

Applying for a role automatically syncs your Talent Profile to the casting notice you like. Just select the media you’d like to submit and click ‘send.’ It’s that easy.

Strategize and track

View casting notices similar to the one you like and view your application history to keep track of exactly which roles you’ve applied to in the past.

Apply and audition with confidence

Safety is our top priority so that giving a great performance is yours.

Screened casting notices

Every casting notice is carefully reviewed before going live to evaluate its legitimacy, potential audition safety and quality.

Personal data protection

Using Backstage to communicate with creators means your personal email address and phone number stays personal, without limiting your chances of getting cast.

Privacy on command

You decide whether or not your Talent Profile is public or private. At any time, hide your profile from the Talent Database -- and even from a general Google search.

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