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The 12 Steps of a Showmance

The 12 Steps of a Showmance
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Face it, the industry is filled with beautiful and talented people, and when you’re stuck doing a project together for weeks—or months—at a time, sparks tend to fly. Whether it’s the real deal or a heated, temporary fling, a good showmance is nothing to joke about.

1. The First Rehearsal Fascination. “It is the first day with the whole cast and I am so excited to start my artistic process and…well, hello.”

2. The Gay/Straight & Single Investigation. In the acting world, this is a very legitimate concern when hoping to jump a castmate’s bones. “Do we both play for the same team? I better find out.”

3. The Talent Infatuation. “Oh great, not only are they a perfect physical specimen, but they are also ridiculously talented. I will make them mine.”

4. The Cast Drinks Flirtation. Everyone is going out after rehearsal to grab drinks, but you two might as well be the only ones in the room.

5. The Facebook Friend Application. You are in show together, so you might as well be Facebook friends. Besides it’s the perfect opportunity to stalk their old posts to learn more about them and… half naked-vacation photos! Jackpot!

6. The Rehearsal Co-habitation. When neither of you are on stage, you seem to be inseparable while waiting for you next scene to rehearse.

7. The Castmate Interrogation. “Are you guys having sex? Because everyone thinks you guys are having sex.”

8. The Opening Night Consummation. You have been flirting for weeks. You probably drunkenly made out in a shared cab at this point. The opening night high is strong; the celebratory booze is flowing, and…cue the curtains gently blowing in the breeze. 

9. The “Are We Dating?” Confirmation. Eventually, all showmances reach a fork in the road. Are you castmates with benefits or are you actually in a relationship? 

10. The Excitement Deterioration. After a few weeks, you begin to see all the things about this person that you originally missed, having been blinded by a dazzling smile. And they are kind of an ass.

11. The Post-Show Separation. The show is over, the showmance excitement is gone, now you actually have to deal with this person on a regular level and neither of you is thrilled about it. You decide to go your separate ways amicably so that it isn’t awkward when you see them at auditions in a few weeks and then drunkenly text them for a booty call later that night.

12. The Process Regeneration. "It is a new show and fresh start. I am totally ready to jump into this role and … well, hello.”

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