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13 Signs You’re Ready to Move Out of NYC

13 Signs You’re Ready to Move Out of NYC
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The world won’t end if you move out of New York City, and neither will your career!

1. Putting on headphones on a crowded subway is the most peaceful part of your day. 

2. You forgot how to drive. 

3. $1500 for a 500-square-foot apartment sounds like a steal.

4. You have a shawarma place, an Indian place, a Thai place, a burger place, a gyro place, a pizza place, a sushi place, a Chinese place, breakfast place, an Italian place, a Cuban place, a Mexican place, and a Ramen place that all know your take out order based on the phone number that comes up on their caller ID.

5. You pay more for your gym membership than most people pay for new car insurance. 

6. Your temp job made you late for your catering job, which you had to take to afford a metrocard to get to your bartending job. 

7. Your cat eats better than you do. 

8. You watch HGTV and fantasize about having a gigantic house with a man cave, mud room, and sparkling granite countertops.

9. Astoria is four miles from your apartment, but it might as well be 400 miles because you live in Brooklyn and can’t be bothered with a friend’s birthday at the Beer Garden.

10. The amount you spent on cabs last month was more than if you had a car payment. 

11. You would consider doing unspeakable things if it meant having a washer and dryer in your apartment. 

12. Your retirement fund consists of a jar filled with loose change. 

13. You have become completely indifferent to the smell of urine. 

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