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14 Things Only Performers Have To Worry About

14 Things Only Performers Have To Worry About

There are plenty of things that only actors have to worry about. Here are just 14 of them.

1. “Headshot” being one word. One! You got that Microsoft Office? ONE!

2. The importance of sprung hardwood floors. “You want me to dance on what now? I don’t think so.”

3. How much 500 copies of the same picture of yourself costs. Buying pictures of yourself in bulk is only narcissistic if you are not an actor.

4. Whether someone in your industry has the same name as you. There are probably 1000 bankers named John Smith. But there is only one in SAG/AFTRA.

5. Securing your name as a domain name.

6. How many different pairs of shoes you need for your job interview (audition) today.

7. Tracking down footage from that student film you did last year. Seriously! How hard is it to e-mail a three-minute video?

8. Vocal rest. When is the last time you heard anyone other than a performer talk about nodes?

9. Whether nudity is required for your job.

10. Getting enough weeks of work to be able to go to the doctor.

11. Not having enough different jobs on your resume that year. Try applying for a corporate job where you had five different employers that year.

12. Whether or not you can get away with writing off your cable bill on your taxes. And your cell phone, and your dance clothes, and…

13. Getting sent home from a job interview—before you even get in the door—based solely on the way you look. Can you imagine if the rest of the world typed-out?

14. Whether to change your name so it is easier to pronounce when you are famous.

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