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15 Questions Actors are Sick of Answering at Thanksgiving Dinner

15 Questions Actors are Sick of Answering at Thanksgiving Dinner
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The turkey is cooked and your cousins have flown in from Michigan. Yes, Thanksgiving is always filled with good food, great company, and... annoying questions. Here are the 15 questions actors are sick of answering at Thanksgiving dinner.

1. When are you going to be in the movies?

2. Your apartment is how small? 

3. Your cousin Sarah is engaged. Are you seeing anyone? 

4. What Broadway show should I go see?

5. You actually walk home alone… at night?

6. Can we come eat at yor restaurant next time we're in the city?

7. Are you going on a lot of auditions?

8. My neighbor’s nephew is in “Mamma Mia!” Do you want me to see if he can get you an audition?

9. Have you thought about trying to get a job building the sets and getting in that way? It worked for Harrison Ford. 

10. What do you mean you won’t be home for Christmas? You are just going to have to tell your job you can’t come in. 

11. Have you thought about trying out for “The Voice?” We love that show. 

12. Do you want to say grace? You’re an actor—you should like to talk in front of everyone.                                                                                         

13. Can you get us tickets for a show?

14. Isn’t it exciting living in the city?

15. When can we come in to see your show?

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