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15 Signs You Might Be a Stage Mom

15 Signs You Might Be a Stage Mom
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Is there such a thing as loving your child too much? What about wanting your child to be a star too much? Well, stage moms tow the line. The following are signs—in good-natured fun—that you might be pushing your child too far.

1. The other parents call you Voldemort.

2. A casting director has a restraining order against you.

3. Your five-year-old wears more makeup than you do.

4. You can do the dance recital choreography by heart.

5. Your child’s agent sets their watch by your hourly phone calls.

6. Directors avoid you at rehearsal.

7. Your child pays the mortgage.

8. You go to auditions in matching outfits.

9. You have them auditioning for show they are not quite ready for yet.

10. You like to gloat to the other parents a little too much when your child is cast.

11. You are all about “throwing them into the deep end.”

12. You are constantly getting in fights with other parents.

13. You would give your right arm for your child to be a star.

14. You constantly ask them to perform at family events.

15.  But if it all doesn’t work out, you can try to get your pet into show business.

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