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15 Things That Can Totally Screw You at an Audition

15 Things That Can Totally Screw You at an Audition
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You've picked the perfect song. You've memorized your lines. You've spent hours with an acting coach. You've made original choices. What could go wrong? Well, as it turns out, a lot of things. Here are 15 things that can totally screw you at an audition.

1. Being late. If you are not 10 minutes early, you are 20 minutes late.

2. A terrible accompanist. Most of the time they are amazing. Sometimes, they could care less about how you want your song played.

3. Seeing an ex at the audition. “Oh you just booked a national commercial? That’s great. I hope you die.” 

4.Going up on your monologue. Everyone has been there, and the CD totally gets it, but it is still hard to recover.  


5.The thermostat. I am glad you think it’s chilly but I’m on camera here and I’m sweating like Sarah Palin at a geography test. 

6. Realizing your audition piece is completely wrong for the show. “'Sound of Music?' Well I’ll be singing 'Out Tonight.' And a-5-6-7-8…” 

7. Realizing every other guy at the audition is wearing the same business casual uniform as you (khakis and a blue button down). 

8. An intern. We all know they may be the CDs of tomorrow, but nothing takes the wind from your sails like realizing the person behind the table wasn’t born until after Kurt Cobain died.

9. Having to pee. It may have worked for Joey on “Friends,” but right now I am speeding through this audition so I don’t become known as the actor who peed himself.


10.Not hitting your note. I sang the hell out of it in the shower this morning, but just now I sounded like a car with bad brakes. 

11.Stomach issues. You may be ready to rock, but that bad burrito you ate last night is ready to roll. Put on your game face.


12. A hangover. You knew you had an audition today, but you still went out for your friend’s birthday. The Bad Idea Bears won this round. Just get through it and then have Bloody Mary. 

13. Realizing they want an accent you don’t have. “Sure I can do a Finnish accent. Just give me five minutes to warm up (and find the door).”


14. Realizing the casting site had the wrong date for the audition. This would never happen on Backstage, but we can’t really speak for anyone else.


15. An angry monitor. Seriously man, just read the rule book. 

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