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19 Signs You've Been To Too Many Auditions Today

19 Signs You've Been To Too Many Auditions Today
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How many auditions have you been to today? Two? Ten? Did you wake up at 3 a.m. just to sign up for the non-Equity list at that open call? We hear you. Here are 19 humorous signs that you've just "had enough" with it today.

1. You had to wake up WAY too early just to have a chance to be seen.

2. You feel like the lines will never end.

3. Your dance calls all start to bleed together.

4. You are having trouble telling which way is up.

5. You start to feel like everyone’s audition is more impressive than yours.

6. You start getting really aggressive for no reason.

7. You realize you just need one tiny bit of positive feedback.

8.  You get REALLY excited to see your friends at your auditions.

9. You start wondering if your need to add some new special skills to your resume to get the casting director's attention.

10. You have not had time to eat all day.

11. Your friends are really tired of watching you prepare.

12. So are your co-workers.

13. You start getting a little bit too intense about your competition.

14. You start doing weird things to keep yourself occupied while you wait to be seen.

15. You realize that you probably stink by your last audition…and you could care less.

16. It is the fifth time the monitor has said they will see non-eqs “soon.”

17. You FINALLY get an audition time, and suddenly you begin to understand Gollum.

18. You start thinking about finding a new line of work.


19. But when it is all over, you can get ready to do it all over again tomorrow with plenty of…

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