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2002 MAC Award Nominations

2002 MAC Award Nominations

Female Vocalist: Klea Black-hurst, Jeanne MacDonald, Julie Reyburn.

Major Female Vocalist: Karen Mason, Donna McKechnie, Julie Wilson.

Male Vocalist: D.C. Anderson, Craig Rubano, Marcus Simeone.

Major Male Vocalist: Jeff Harnar, Sam Harris, Phillip Officer.

Female Musical Comedy: Leslie Anderson, Natalie Blalock, Joan Crowe.

Male Musical Comedy: Jim Caruso, John Flynn, Michael Vaccaro.

Female Jazz/Pop/R&B Vocalist: Mary Foster Conklin, Natalie Douglas, Sue Matsuki.

Major Female Jazz/Pop/R&B Vocalist: Lea DeLaria, Baby Jane Dexter, Carol Woods.

Female New York Debut: Jeanne Resua, Stacy Sullivan, Anne Steele.

Male New York Debut: Rock Albers, Eric Pickering, Johnny Rodgers.

Female Stand-Up Comedy: Kim Cea, Colette Hawley, Nancy Witter.

Male Stand-Up Comedy: Rock Albers, Joe Mozian, Paul J. Williams.

Major Stand-Up Comedy: Mario Cantone, Jim David, Ron Poole.

Technical Director: Michael Barbieri, Robert Kneeland, Shawn Moninger.

Director: Lina Koutrakos, Erv Raible, Lennie Watts.

Musical Director: Christopher Denny, Dick Gallagher, David Maiocco.

Impersonation/Characteriza-tion: Tommy Femia, Christine Pedi, Richard Skipper.

Variety Production: "Jamie DeRoy & Friends," "Late Breaking Stories," "Poole Party."

Piano Bar/Restaurant Instru-mentalist: Bobby Peaco, Jerry Scott, Tracy Stark.

Piano Bar/Restaurant Singing Entertainer: Jennifer Kruskamp, Trudi Mann, Eric Pickering.

Singer/Instrumentalist: John Bucchino, Tim Di Pasqua, Rick Jensen.

Vocal Group/Duo: The Acci-dentals, Karen Mack & Michael Holland, Modern Man.

Revue of the Year: James Beaman & Goldie Dver, "Crazy World: Songs of Leslie Bricusse"; D. Jay Bradley, "D. Jay Bradley's Christmas Show"; Zina Goldrich & Marcy Heisler, "Make Your Own Party 2002."

Special Production/Musical Comedy Group: Tommy Femia & Christine Pedi, "Judy & Liza Live!"; Ron Poole & Company, "The Next Big Broadway Musical"; Lennie Watts, Scott Coulter, "Heart & Music."

Female Artist Recording of the Year: Natalie Gamsu, "Weave"; Heather MacRae, "Songs For My Father"; Sue Matsuki, "A New Take."

Female Major Artist Recording of the Year: Betty Buckley, "Stars and the Moon: Betty Buckley Live at the Donmar"; Liz Callaway, "The Beat Goes On"; Karen Mason, "When the Sun Comes Out."

Male Artist Recording of the Year: D.C. Anderson, "All Is Calm, All Is Bright"; Jim Caruso, "Caruso Live and In Person"; Tim Di Pasqua, "Monster Under These Conditions"; Sammy Goldstein, "So Far It's Wonderful."

Male Major Artist Recording of the Year: Jeff Harnar, "Sammy Cahn All the Way"; Phillip Officer, "Hoagy On My Mind."

Multiple Artists Recording of the Year: Babbie Green, "Soldiers of the Heart: More Songs of Babbie Green"; Jamie DeRoy & Friends "'Tis the Season"; The Lounge-O-Leers, "Now That's What I Call the Lounge-O Leers."

Song of the Year: "The Boy for Me" (music & lyrics by Michael Ogborn); "I Believe" (music & lyrics by Ben Moore); "Seventeen on Mars" (music by Louis Rosen, lyric by Thom Bishop & Louis Rosen); "Welcome the Rain" (music by Zina Goldrich, lyrics by Marcy Heisler); "The Whole Wide World" (music & lyrics by Brett Kristofferson).

Special Material of the Year: "The Drinking Song" (music by David Maiocco & Michael Conley; lyrics by Michael Conley); "Over-Estimated" (music by Curtis Moore; lyrics by Amanda Green); "Where's Shirley" (music by John McMahon; lyrics by Jay Jefferies).

The 2002 MAC Awards are open to the public. For more information, call (212) 307-4100.

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