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    Kenneth Armstrong (dir.) is accepting submissions for Delay, a non-sync-sound 16mm film for USC about a corporate newbie who can't keep up with the real world. Prod. Alexander Helmi. Eight-day shoot starts Mar. 24. Copy, credit, and meals provided. There is no pay.

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    Small Packages

    Bigger isn't necessarily better. Jane Eyre, which came from La Jolla Playhouse, is the latest attempt to bring a sweeping, epic-sized piece of literature to the Broadway musical stage. Les Misèrables is the example all practitioners of the mega-tuner genre follow. Eyre has several Les Miz vets on its ...

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    Vegas Reflections: As entertainment eclipses gambling and SAG lays roots, it appears that L.A. will soon have a twin sister city in the Nevada desert.

    She is no longer co-starring in one of the major showrooms on the Las Vegas Strip, but Satomi Hofmann has never regretted forsaking Hollywood for the Jewel of the Mohave

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    For Principle And SAG Card, An Actress Walks

    Just over a week ago, a print model-cast in a principal role for her first commercial-took a chance on either launching or crashing her filmmaking career. She walked away from the spot's nonunion location shoot to join the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists ...

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    STAGE & SCREEN: Cruising Companions

    One director and one performer fan the fire of creativity into a raging success‹all from the spark of a chance

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    SAG Runs $2.4M in Red

    (BPI) (LOS ANGELES)‹The Screen Actors Guild ran a $2.4 million deficit for the fiscal year ending Aug. 31, although the shortfall was less than had been

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    STAGE & SCREEN: It Takes Two

    A pair of openings in the space of a few weeks lures New York playwright Joe DiPietro to the West

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    Extras Opposed to Merger Become VisibleWe have to stick together."

    The actors' concerns cover three main areas: wariness of increased competition in extra work; dissatisfaction with the proposed new dues structure; and lack of information about health and benefit

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    America's Richest Foundations Give to Arts

    The three wealthiest private foundations in the nation, and six out of the top 10, make donations to the performing arts, according to grant information on their websites. Three of the four remaining top 10 claim to support community or rural development projects, an area closely tied to the arts ...