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awards mean nothing to the dailies. And, as I said in the last column, they aren't likely to acquire renewed meaning because MAC revises the voting policy. (In a letter to membership, the board has fessed up to making a mistake by not mentioning the new nomination policy in a meeting-agenda announcement.)

Lastly, Mr. Levitt charges me with not covering MAC as thoroughly as I should. I have certainly reported on MAC meetings when informed they were to take place and that the press was invited. Writing further about the compromised state of cabaret affairs, he says, "The fault lies not with MAC or any of these other organizations; it lies squarely with columnists like Mr. Finkle, who never cover any stories regarding MAC until they have something they deem 'newsworthy,' e.g., an awards show or, in this case, a dust-up over an overhaul of the awards process." I will leave it to readers to decide whether my fellow columnists and I fuel the problems the cabaret community faces or whether the blame must be placed elsewhere.

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