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director.' But when I got to know her, I told her, 'You know, when you audition, you don't have to hug the director.' And her mother goes, 'I told her not to! It's her father's fault—his family is always hugging people.' " Agrees Macy, "She's really genuine, and her instincts are spot-on. She's smart as a whip and articulates the movie better than anyone." Of course, there's the famous line that warns actors never to work with children or animals—and Macy shares billing with not only a small child but also a pet monkey. "I found myself in scenes with a beautiful 10-year-old girl, a monkey, and Don Rickles," Macy says with a laugh. "I can only blame myself."

Ticket to Write

According to Macy, he and Schachter now have "many irons in several fires" but aren't sure what their next project will be. After the success of "Door to Door," one would imagine they could write their own ticket—an idea that seems to amuse them. "Let's do it, let's write our own ticket," Schachter offers. "Who cares if it's any good?" Macy says they've already taken their first step, forming a company and coming up with a logo for T-shirts. "That's how you produce movies," he offers. "The first thing you do is get T-shirts made."

Jenelle Riley writes for Back Stage West.

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