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Actorfest Twitter Contest - Week 1: Winners Announced!

Actorfest Twitter Contest - Week 1: Winners Announced!
Thanks to all the actors who participated in the Actorfest Twitter Contest. Last week's question: Why should actors attend Actorfest?

Two winners of "Four Look Shoots" photography sessions with Ken Weingart.

1. Because us actors are the CEOs of our individual slice of the Show Biz pie. Proactivity + creativity in 1-Actorfest helps us. @SierraRein

2. "Why should actors attend Actorfest?" Three words: Inspiration, networking, bonding. It's like Comic-Con for actors! @sparkerm79

Three winners of 1-year subscriptions to Back Stage and Call Sheet online.

1. Dozens of industry pros and key elements for catapulting your career, under 1 roof, on 1 day, for a great price? Duh. No brainer. @Debraleigh

2. NO WHERE can you meet with great CD's in our industry, education, network and ability to audition under 1 roof! Mandatory 4-Actor. @MikeAponte

3. At Actorfest you meet other actors share stories & info & learn more in 1 day than you can in a year of doing it on your own. @Jocelyn_Marie

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This week's Twitter contest: "Tweet a 140-character poem about Actorfest to @Actorfest."

Tweet your Actorfest poem for a chance to win a Stella Adler acting class! Five winners will be chosen. Contest ends Sept. 24, 2009.

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