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The 'Actor's Director' Coming to TV

The 'Actor's Director' Coming to TV

David O. Russell, who recently declared "I can't figure TV out," has had a drama project ordered straight to series by ABC.

The "American Hustle" director was downbeat after getting asked about his small-screen prospects at a recent event for his Oscar-nominated film. "If they'll let me," he said in response to a question about whether he'd do a TV series. "I can't figure TV out."

As it turns out, they will. And he did.

Russell and screenwriter Susannah Grant are teaming for a "soapy" drama centered on a private country club, according to reports. The untitled series, which got a 13-episode order from ABC, is Russell's first foray into television.

It's unclear if Mary Vernieu, Russell's long-time casting director, will be filling the roles on the series. Her office at Betty Mae Inc. said it wasn't confirmed if she was attached to the project. 

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