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Actors on the Street

"I've learned in my audition journey that what's bad to me may be good to the casting director. Even if I do goof up, I still know in my heart that I am a talented performer. You can never know what the director is looking for, so I do the best that I can."

—Jason Evan Barrett

Washington, D.C.

"I say a few choice four-letter words, then I let it go with a 'There'll be another audition.' I recover from a good audition the same way—without the four-letter words."

—Judy Dery


"If I have a bad audition, I analyze what went wrong. Was I on time? Prepared? Were my choices too bold? Too safe? Do I need a new monologue? Do I need a cold reading class? How can I use this experience to improve my audition skills? Then I do something to pamper myself: a bubble bath, a manicure, or a piece of inexpensive jewelry. After that, I let it go to move on to the next audition."

—Alexandra Cremer

New York

"My girlfriend and I are both actors, and it is nice to just have someone to hang out with who will understand. But it also could mean double the trouble on a bad audition/no callback day for both of us. So on sad, gloomy days we visit Chateau Mar Mutt, a doggie daycare facility in West Hollywood. Something about puppies is so therapeutic."

—Xan Stevenson

Los Angeles

"I find my hot little red cocktail dress, a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and a beautiful Italian boy to tell me all night long how wonderful and beautiful I am."

—Britt Madrid

Los Angeles

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