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Actors on the Street

"I'm a huge fan of author Richard Wright, and his book Native Son is one of my favorites. I would love to play the title character, Bigger Thomas, in the movie if it is ever remade. I just have to play that role."

—Deon Lucas

Los Angeles

"I'd like to play Hamlet, but I'm a little long in the tooth for it, so I'm looking forward to Lear. I could probably play Richard III, but probably Lear is the next stop."

—Gordon Clapp

Flags of Our Fathers, NYPD Blue

"Either Wilhelm or Pegleg from The Black Rider. If I could ever be involved in something that dynamic and powerful, I could die a happy man."

—Michael Holmes

Los Angeles

"I'm playing a mom now, which I've never done before, on my new show October Road, and that's really interesting."

—Laura Prepon

October Road, That '70s Show

"Freddy Krueger in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, because with this face I already scare people when they are awake."

—Bill Oberst Jr.

North Hollywood, Calif.

"There are so many roles that I'd like to play. I love women with dimension. I like bad guys. I like good guys. I like heroines. I like victims. There's really not anything that I'm not enticed by if it's a multidimensional character with depth and flaws and strength."

—Melora Hardin

The Office, Monk

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