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After six Emmy nominations (one win), four Golden

After six Emmy nominations (one win), four Golden Globe nods, and a combined 11 noms for SAG Awards (three individual wins, one ensemble win), it's a testament to the actor that her rich bitch Karen Walker remains as popular as when she made her first nasally insult so many years ago. With Will & Grace in its eighth and final season, don't be surprised to see Mullally go out on top.

The newcomer to this category is the Cinderella story of the year. Pressly was mostly known as eye candy in films such as Ringmaster opposite Jerry Springer or the spoof Not Another Teen Movie. But that was before she took on the role of Joy, the gum-chomping, trailer-trash ex-wife of Earl (Jason Lee). Outrageous, vindictive, but with a hidden soft side that occasionally reveals itself, Pressly stole scenes and earned a SAG Award nomination as a member of the ensemble this year.

Walter's place on this list proves that although Arrested Development may be gone, her booze-swilling, acid-tongued Lucille Bluth certainly left an impression. The great Walter earned an Emmy nom last year as well as two SAG Award nominations for the ensemble. A return appearance at the Emmy Awards this year? We can all drink to that.

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