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AGMA Elects New Officers

The American Guild of Musical Artists, (AGMA) has recently elected several new officers from all over the country. Linda Mays was elected president, and five new vice presidents were elected to two-year terms.

In addition, Mays has appointed labor lawyer Barbara Hillman as AGMA's new national coordinator of negotiations and contracts.

Mays is a member of the Metropolitan Opera chorus who continues to perform regularly.

Burman Timberlake, first v.p., is a member of the LA Opera Chorus and the LA Master Chorale. James Odom, 2nd v.p is current Chicago Area chair for the union.

John Coleman, stage manager for both the Chicago Lyric Opera and the Chicago Opera Theater, was elected 3rd v.p. and George Scott, Seattle Opera, was elected 4th v.p.

Donna Maria Covert, 5th v.p., is with the LA Opera. Andrea Bradford, a businesswoman who performed and negotiated with The Opera Company of Boston, was elected treasurer, and Candace Itow, a New York City Opera ballet member, is the union's new recording secretary.

Hillman, the new National Coordinator of Negotiations and Contracts, is a partner in the Chicago-based firm of Cornfield & Feldman. She represented AGMA at Chicago Lyric Opera since the mid-1980s and championed the interests of trade union members throughout her career. AGMA is a performing arts union with a nationwide membership of more than 4,000. The union represents artists employed by more than 80 concert, opera, and dance organizations.

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