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Artios Awards Move to Awards Season Primetime

Artios Awards Move to Awards Season Primetime

Awards season is about to get more crowded when the casting world’s Artios Awards move from November to January.

The move has some grumbling that the event will go from being a celebration for the intimate casting world to just another stop on the awards season party train. But Richard Hicks, president of the Casting Society of America, said it’s a beneficial change for the industry because it shifts the awards from an outlier to the center spotlight. At its new date in January, he told Backstage, the Artios will be “a contributive element in the conversation that’s going on anyway.”

The move was prompted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Board of Governors creating a branch for casting directors. Hicks called the recognition last summer a “beautiful thing.”

“It was a big deal in the casting world and an important recognition of the craft of casting,” he said. “We are eager to acknowledge that change by moving our awards date so it’s in line with” other industry honors.

The traditional awards season runs from late fall to early February when the Oscars are held. The CSA has typically held the Artios Awards in November. But next year’s awards, the 30th staging of the honors, will be held in New York and Los Angeles Jan. 22, 2015. 

“We’re discussing other format changes, but don’t have that sorted out,” said Hicks. “With the higher profile comes a desire to make it as an entertaining and fun an evening as it can be.”

Next year’s Artios, which are named for the Greek word meaning “perfectly fitted,” will have 29 categories honoring CSA members “working in casting across theater, television and film, while exemplifying originality and creativity, in addition to demonstrating the highest-level of overall casting contributions to a given project.” The awards were first held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1985 before switching to a bi-coastal format.

Hicks noted there could be an added benefit for casting directors planning to attend next January. “Now they have one less flight they have to take,” he said.

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