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ATA counters SAG position that ruling vindicates guild

The Association of Talent Agents on Monday continued its cross-examination of last week's ruling by California State Legislative Counsel Bion Gregory that ATA's most recent financial interest proposal was in violation of Chapter 4 of California's Labor Code (HR 10/26). "Unfortunately, a third party has rendered an opinion out of the context of negotiations which is being trumpeted erroneously by SAG's leadership as some sort of vindication," ATA executive director Karen Stuart wrote in a letter sent to Bob Pisano, the Screen Actors Guild's national executive director and CEO. "This is an odd and disturbing response to the legislative counsel's opinion, which, in fact, supports ATA's legal position." Chapter 4 of California's Labor Code governs the licensing of talent agents and requirements for the operation and management of talent agencies. The letter claimed that Gregory's ruling was not, in fact, the definitive decision that SAG had made it out to be, that the ATA had every intention of abiding by state law and that the only way the financial interest issue was going to get resolved was at the negotiating table.

Peter Kiefer writes for the Hollywoood Reporter

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