Awards Season

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    SAG Awards: Lead Female Actor

    Gabourey Sidibe's performance in the "Precious" draws not only tears but also astonishment that such an honest portrayal could come from one so new to the screen.

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    SAG Awards: Lead Male Actor

    Colin Firth is not without a long list of respectable credits. But we're looking at him with fresh eyes this year, thanks to his performance in writer-director Tom Ford's "A Single Man."

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    VIDEO: Emmys Red Carpet Coverage

    Back Stage and The Hollywood Reporter were at the Emmy Awards talking to all your favorite actors. Watch exclusive interviews with Olivia Wilde, Rainn Wilson, and more!

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    What Do You Have Planned for Your Tony Acceptance Speech?

    "Thank you to the jealous ass who said this would never happen and the mad science of genetics for gifting me with impeccable comic timing."

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    Tony Talk

    "They keep waiting for that magic moment, believing that from that point on, everything will be easy," says Tony Award nominee Marin Ireland about many actors.

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    A Salute to the 63rd Annual Tony Awards

    The 2008-09 Broadway season has been a roller coaster. As the season ends, we salute all 40 actors nominated for Tony Awards.