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Awards Season

Oscar Watch: Brett Ratner

Oscar Watch: Brett Ratner
Well, if nothing else, he's bringing much-valued publicity to the Oscar telecast.

Brett Ratner, the visionary behind such films as "Rush Hours 1-3" and the current "Tower Heist," seemed an odd choice when he was originally announced as producer for next year's Academy Awards. And over the last few days, he's managed to keep things interesting. First, he told bedroom tales about Olivia Munn (which he now admits he made up.) Then, over the weekend, he said in a Q&A: "Rehearsal is for fags." I'm honestly not sure which part of that statement is most offensive.

Today, Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywood chastised Ratner for his behavior and basically told him to man up and start acting like an Oscar producer should. I'm not sure what the powers that be thought they would be getting from a man who has always behaved like an overgrown frat boy, and whose movies and reputation reflect that mentality.


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