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Awards Season

Overlooked Contenters

Overlooked Contenters
Photo Source: Dan Busta
Awards seasons are strange things. No matter how much a film might have going in it’s favor, sometimes it just doesn’t connect with voters. At the same time, there’s always at least one underdog that seemingly comes out of nowhere and starts snagging accolades. I’m thrilled that “Winter’s Bone” is doing so well this season—particularly thrilled that John Hawkes is getting some love and could soon be an Oscar nominee. But there are several performances and films that didn’t take off the way I’d hoped. My biggest disappointments? A slew of films opened too late, I think, to gain any real traction. These include: “The Way Back” in several categories, “I Love You Phillip Morris” for Best Actor Jim Carrey and Best Adapted Screenplay, and “Barney’s Version” for Best Actor Paul Giamatti. And while she might not have really had a shot considering the genre, I was hoping “The Last Exorcism” star Ashley Bell would get some support for a Supporting Actress nod. But my three biggest disappointments are listed below/after the jump.


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