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Buckley, Berlind Benefit Schreiber

e T. Schreiber Studio, one of New York's respected actor training programs, will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a gala benefit at The Players, on Mon., Jan. 25. The event is planned as a tribute to celebrated leading lady Betty Buckley and Broadway producer Roger Berlind. Buckley triumphed most recently on Broadway in "Triumph of Love," while Berlind's production of "The Blue Room" has already put its angels in the black. Ms. Buckley will sing at the benefit. Edward Norton, a Schreiber Studio member and Oscar-nominee, will also participate in the program. Terry Schreiber founded the T. Schreiber Studio in 1969, which offers special classes in playwriting, Shakespeare, and on-camera acting technique, among other subjects. Tickets: (212) 741-020

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