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5 Auditions You Should be Preparing for Now

5 Auditions You Should be Preparing for Now

Don’t worry if you missed these casting notices this week! You still have time to audition or put yourself on tape. Here are five audition listings our readers found interesting this week!

Auditions for this production of “Mary Poppins” will be held on May 7 and 8 in NYC, so take your weekend to prep! Remember: all it takes is a spoonful of sugar!

Check out the listing for “Mary Poppins” here for more details.

New York actors: You still have time to submit an audition for this feature film! Synopsis: “After serving a prison sentence since her teens, Audrey is now released back into the society she knows nothing about. Determined to remain happy and successful in her new independence, she runs into Landon, who has recently left seminary school after feeling his calling is no longer to be a priest. While people rush in and out of each of their lives, the two reconnect and help each other through their journey of acceptance in a world neither is equipped to handle.”

Check out the listing for “Sycamore” here for more details.

L.A. Actors: Check out this feature film, “Baby,” about an 18 year-old girl who gets to know her estranged father by getting a job at the hostess club he frequents. You still have a little bit of time to submit for this one, but don’t let that time slip away!

Check out the listing for “Baby” here for more details.

Want to star in a Broadway revival with James Earl Jones? …That’s what we thought! Take a couple of weeks to prep before these auditions, being held on May 12, 13, and 14 in NYC. This is an opportunity to won’t want to miss!

Check out the listing for “You Can’t Take It With You” here for more details.

New York actors: This television show is “a series inspired by the movie ‘Kids’ with the rhythm and tone of ‘Sex and the City,’ ” according to its creator. You can download a draft of the pilot and start your preparation now!

Check out the listing for “Kids In The City” here for more details.

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