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Adam Sandler Comedy Western, 'Maze Runner' Adaptation Get Casting Directors

Adam Sandler Comedy Western, 'Maze Runner' Adaptation Get Casting Directors
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So here we are once again in the midst of pilot season. But that doesn’t mean that movie-making grinds to a halt. Far from it! While the networks are busy trying to fill their fall schedules with comedies about groups of friends who are unsuccessful at dating, dramas about “no-nonsense” female law-enforcement officers, and J.J. Abrams’ crayon scribblings, the studios are busy trying to fill their 2014 slates with dystopian young-adult-trilogy adaptations, comic book movies, and J.J. Abrams’ big-budget crayon scribblings. The point being, there’s a lot going on. But in the vast dung heap of “Transformers” sequels and “Godzilla” reboots (yes, really), there are some precious jewels to be discovered sometimes, if you dig deep enough.

What’s that you found there? Here, let me see. “A comedy Western starring Adam Sandler.” Uh, I’m thinking you might want to throw this one back on the heap. Called “Ridiculous 6”—most likely a play on “The Magnificent Seven”—Sandler next movie will … oh, the plot details are under wraps? OK, let’s try to crack this case: Sandler and a rag-tag cast of his old buddies from “SNL” will defend a town from a gang of mercenaries led by, oh…Danny McBride? Rob Schneider will play a Native American. Angela Demo and Barbara McCarthy are casting ahead of an April start, location TBA. Set aside the fact that Sandler's last few movies have been lacking in the everything department, the idea of making a comedy version of “Magnificent Seven” isn’t a bad one. Still, toss it back on the heap.

Oh, you’ve pulled out another one? Clean it off a bit, I can’t read the title. “ ‘The Maze Runner,’ based on the first novel in a young-adult trilogy depicting a dys—" DAMN IT! Another one?! How many trilogies depicting a dystopian future where children are forced to compete in sick games for reasons that make no sense even within the world of the story are there? Isn’t being a kid hard enough without waking up one day in the center of a giant maze with no memories of how you got there? Can’t children of the future just play with their Legos in peace without fear of being chased through even-shifting slabs of concrete by half-animal, half-robot hybrids! When will it end? Throw it back on the heap with the others! Denise Chamian is casting beset-upon youths ahead of an April start in Baton Rouge, La.

I guess it could be worse. They could be making a "Work It" movie.

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