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Sequels to 'The Muppets,' 'Insidious' Get Casting Directors

Sequels to 'The Muppets,' 'Insidious' Get Casting Directors
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Everyone hates a few movies that everyone else, critics included, seems to love. Sometimes the explanation is simple: You are right and everyone, critics included, are idiots. But sometimes your reaction to a universally acclaimed movie engenders a more nuanced emotional state. For instance, the state I found myself in earlier this year when I finally watched “The Muppets.”

“But I love the Muppets! Jason Segel is one of our greatest living schlubs! Amy Adams is charming and likable in everything—and a natural redhead to boot (unlike that imposter Christina Hendricks)! Why am I not enjoying this? Why am I bored?”

I don’t know. Maybe because the movie was super boring. Maybe because my heart has been replaced with a cold, jagged shard of obsidian. There are no easy answers here. But luckily, the Muppets are giving me a shot at redemption in the form of a sequel. Right now, the only confirmed cast member is Christoph Waltz, whom I like even more than Jason Segel! Plot details are under wraps, but the film is set in London and Waltz will play an Interpol agent. Hmm, might we have a second Great Muppet Caper, of sorts? Whatever the plot, I am confident that I will love the movie—that is, if everyone else does. Shooting is set to get under way early next year in London, with most of the casting taking place there. U.S. casting of human actors is being handled in-house at Disney by vice president of casting Randi Hiller.

Of course, the reason “The Muppets” is getting a sequel is because it made a lot of money for Disney. That's why all sequels are made. (Except "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," which was made because Harrison Ford lost a bet.) Another movie that made a lot of money last year, thus earning itself a sequel, is the horror movie “Insidious.” And when I say a lot of money, I want you to understand that I really, truly mean a lot. The movie cost $1.5 million to make and grossed over $97 million worldwide. That’s an ROI of 6,366.67 percent. (That “WOOSH!” sound you just heard was Jim Cramer’s hair igniting.)

As far as horror movies go, “Insidious” was pretty decent, especially considering the budget. The explanations for the various supernatural happenings were only semi-ridiculous, and my spine was set atingle several times. It was a legitimately scary movie with little to no gore. So, like, the polar opposite of "Human Centipede." The first film’s leads, Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, are both returning, which, considering what happened at the end, means we can expect a prequel? Either that, or an Ian Malcolm in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” situation. Was that a spoiler? Maybe. Anne McCarthy of Engine Casting, who cast the original film, is back casting the sequel ahead of a January start in Los Angeles.

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