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3/1 from 4-6PM, 3/2 from 12noon-2PM, 3/8 from 4-6PM, and 3/9 from 12noon-2PM at the Riant Theatre Company, 161 Hudson St., 4th fl., NYC.

The Riant Theatre Company, a multiracial company, is holding auditions for members. Presently casting for "Emperor Jones," "Our Town," "Matrons in Uniform," "The Amen Corner," "The Strawberry One-Acts," and new musicals. Auditions will be held on Sat. March 1 from 4-6PM, Sun. March 2 from 12noon-2PM, Sat. March 8 from 4-6PM, and Sun. March 9 from 12noon-2PM at the Riant Theatre Company, 161 Hudson St., 4th fl., NYC. (Directions: Take the A, C, E, 1, or 9 train to Canal St.) Prepare one contemporary monologue. Bring pix & resumes. Non-Equity. Membership fee for one year is $295. Directors, stage managers, and designers are welcomed.


3/4 & 3/5 from 10AM-5PM at Shetler Studios, 939 8th Ave., 4th fl., NYC.

TheatreFest, an Equity LOA on LORT D guidelines ($440 per week Equity, $200 per week non-Equity, plus transportation), located in Upper Montclair, NJ, will hold an eligible performer audition for "The Sound of Music" (rehearses May 27-June 18, with performances June 19-July 13). Geoffrey Newman, prod'r; Roger Riggle, assoc. prod'r; John Wooten, artistic dir. Auditions will be held at Shetler Studios, 939 8th Ave., 4th fl., NYC. Sign-in at 9AM. Prepare an approriate brief musical selection. EQ. LOA REFERENCED TO LORT D.

Tues. March 4--Eligible performers, 10AM-5PM.

Wed. March 5--Eligible performers, 10AM-5PM.

Seeking--Eight men: ages 12-60, various vocal ranges; 12 women: ages 8-60, various vocal ranges.


The Oldcastle Theatre Company, working under an SPT Equity Contract, and an Equal Opportunity Employer, is currently seeking eligible performer pix & resumes for its upcoming 1997 season. Plays under consideration include "Raising Kane," "Travels with My Aunt," "Bedroom Farce," "Smoke on the Mountain," "And the World Goes Round," "K2," "Wonderful Tennessee,"(thorn)20and a new play, "November." For "Raising Kane," seeking--Orson Welles: mid-20s to late 30s; John Houseman, Delores Del Rio, and others. For "Wonderful Tennessee," seeking--Actor: with a good Irish accent, who can play the accordion fluently. For "Smoke on the Mountain," seeking--Performers: should play piano, guitar, etc. For "November," seeking--Several roles: including a middle-aged African-American couple. Send pix & resumes to: Eric Peterson, Producing Artistic Director, Oldcastle Theatre Company, PO Box 1555, Bennington, VT 05201. Auditions will be in New York and in Bennington. EQ. SPT CONTRACT.


The Cumberland Theatre, working under an SPT Contract (pending), Don Whisted, artistic dir., is accepting eligible performer pix & resumes for its 1997 10th anniversary season. Roles are available in "Godspell," "The Lion in Winter," "The Pirates of Penzance," "Moon over Buffalo," "Ain't Misbehavin', " and "Sleuth." Auditions will be scheduled in April/May from selected resumes. Eligible performers only send pix & resumes to: Artistic Director, Cumberland Theatre, 101-103 North Johnson St., Cumberland, MD 21502. No calls. Equal Opportunity Employer. Minorities are urged to respond. Eligible performers. EQ. SPT CONTRACT (PENDING).


3/20 from 10:30AM-12:30PM at West Side Dance Project, 162 W. 83 St., NYC.

Park Playhouse, Inc., one of New York's largest outdoor theatres, will hold an eligible performer principal audition for "Guys and Dolls." Venustiano Borromeo, producing artistic dir.; Steve Fletcher, exec. dir. Auditions will be held at West Side Dance Project, 162 W. 83 St., NYC. Prepare a legit song and be prepared to move and read. This is a principal audition. Direct inquires to: Steve Fletcher, Exec. Dir., PPI, 60 Orange St., Albany, NY 12210; phone: (518) 434-2035. Eligible performers of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to attend this audition. EQ. GUEST ARTIST CONTRACT.

Thurs. March 20--Eligible performers, 10:30AM-12:30PM.

Seeking African-American actors for--Sky Masterson: 30-40; Sarah Brown: 25-35.


3/5 from 9:30AM-5:30PM at 145 W. 28 St., NYC.

Bernard Telsey Casting will hold eligible performer auditions for understudies for "The Young Man From Atlanta," by Horton Foote. Robert Falls, dir.; David Richenthal, Anita Waxman, Jujamcyn Theaters, prod'rs. Auditions will be held at 145 W. 28 St., NYC. Sign in at the ground floor lobby. Sides will be provided at the audition. All characters must play authentically Southern. EQ. BROADWAY ALLIANCE CONTRACT.

Wed. March 5--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-5:30PM.

Seeking--Man 1: Caucasian, to play ages 60-80, covering Will Kidder, lead role (played by Rip Torn), and also covering Pete Davenport, lead role, 70s, taciturn, in reasonably good physical shape, uncomfortable with family conflict and emotions, tries to take care of Lily Dale, but is rather ineffectual when caught in the middle, yearns to be with his own family again (played by William Biff McGuire); Man 2: Caucasian, to play ages 35-48, covering Tom Jackson, mid-30s, a straightforward go-getter, strong, steady, decent, extremely solicitous, serves as Will's son, supporting role (played by Marcus Giamatti), and also covering Ted Cleveland, Jr., a George Bush type, in his 40s, prosperous, inherited the company, almost born with the goods, of a higher social class than Will, rather subtly condescending, is uncomfortable dealing with his workers, is conscious of being an "outsider" to Will, supporting role (played by Stephen Trovillion); Man 3: Caucasian, to play ages 26-35, covering Carson, mid- to late 20s, appears eager and rather naive, extremely polite, but manipulative beneath the politeness, mysterious, even odd, supporting role (played by Kevin Bresnahan), and also covering Tom Jackson, see description above; Woman 1: Caucasian, to play ages 45-65, covering Lily Dale, lead role (being played by Shirley Knight), and also covering Miss Lacey, late 30s-early 40s, Will's secretary, dependable, loyal, efficient, has worked with Will for a number of years, knows him well, takes care of him quietly, supporting role (played by Pat Nesbitt); Woman 2: African-American, to play ages 45-70, covering Clara, late 30s-early 50s, warm, decent, caring, extremely protective of Lily Dale and solicitous of her, expansive, grounded personality, supporting role (played by Jacqueline Williams), and also covering Etta Doris, elderly, 60s-70s, an expansive spirit with a strong spiritual strength, in a frail and infirm body, supporting role (played by Beatrice Winde).


3/17 & 3/18 from 9:30AM-5:30PM at Nola Studios, 250 W. 54 St., 11th fl., NYC.

The Struthers Library Theatre Summer Playhouse, Warren, PA, will hold eligible performer auditions at Nola Studios, 250 W. 54 St., 11th fl., NYC. Guest Artist contract, principals only, no chorus. Season: "Fiddler on the Roof"; "My One and Only"; "Carousel"; "The World Goes 'Round." Charles Tranter, exec. dir.; Joe Deer, artistic dir.; Gary Slavin, choreo.; mus'l dir., TBA. Struthers Library Theatre operates on a two-week production cycle with full orchestra, elaborate sets and costumes, and a fully professional staff. Non-union principals, college students, and local actors make up the balance of the company. Interracial company sought for full season. Casting in more than one show is preferred. Prepare a brief song appropriate to the season. EQ. GUEST ARTIST CONTRACT.

Mon. March 17--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-5:30PM.

Tues. March 18--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-5:30PM.


2/27 & 2/28 from 10AM-5:30PM at 420 W. 42 St., 5th fl., NYC.

The Acting Company will hold eligible performer auditions for its 1997-98 season, which will include "Romeo and Juliet," by William Shakespeare, and "Fresh Numbers," a new series of one-acts inspired by Shakespeare's sonnets, writers include Eric Bogosian, William Finn, John Guare, Marsha Norman, Ntozake Shange, and Michael Weller. Auditions will be held at 420 W. 42 St., 5th fl., NYC. Prepare two contrasting monologues, one Shakespearean and one contemporary, not to exceed three minutes combined. Actors may not sign up before 9AM. The Acting Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer seeking actors with extensive classical training. Actors cast must be willing to spend up to 30 weeks out of New York next fall and winter. EQ. LORT CONTRACT.

Thurs. Feb. 27--Eligible performers, 10AM-5:30PM.

Fri. Feb. 28--Eligible performers, 10AM-5:30PM.


3/26 from 10AM-1:30PM at Nola Rehearsal Studios, 250 W. 54 St., 11th fl., NYC.

The Carousel Dinner Theatre, an Equity Tier VI Dinner Theatre Contract in Akron, OH, will hold an eligible principal call for its production of the musical "Damn Yankees" (rehearsals in Ohio from May 12; plays May 21-July 13). Prescott F. Griffith, Marc Resnik, prod'rs; Joseph Patton, dir./choreo.; Ron Lord, mus'l dir.; Michael Stein, stg. mgr. Auditions will be held at Nola Rehearsal Studios, 250 W. 54 St., 11th fl., NYC. Actors unable to attend this call can send pix & resumes to: Media Casting--Yankees, 10 W. 15 St., #425, NYC 10011-6820. EQ. DINNER THEATRE (TIER VI) CONTRACT.

Wed. March 26--Eligible principal call, 10AM-1:30PM.

Seeking--Applegate: stylish, comic character actor, sings and moves well; Joe Hardy: looks 22, all-American looks, athletic build, sings and moves very well; Lola: dynamic, adorable, sensual, comic singing actress, very strong dancer; Joe Boyd: 50s-60s, strong character actor, sings and moves well, must touch toes; Meg Boyd: 50s, warm actress, sings and moves well; Gloria Thorpe: 20s-30s, strong, attractive, comic, character actress, sings and moves very well; Sister: 40s-50s, comic character actress, sings and moves; Van Buren: 30s-40s, strong character actor, sings and moves very well; Welch: 40s-60s, strong character actor, sings and moves.


2/28 from 10AM-1, 1:30-4:30PM at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC.

Eligible performer auditions will be held for a workshop of "Irving Berlin's Easter Parade," (based on the MGM movie musical) starring Tommy Tune and Sandy Duncan, at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC. Tommy Tune, Phillip Oesterman, dirs.; Tad Tadlock, co-choreo.; Irving Berlin, score; Wally Harper, mus'l dir.; Johnson-Liff Associates, casting; Albert Poland, gen'l mgr. Rehearsals begin April 7 for five weeks. Callbacks to dance will be held from 4:30-5:30PM. Nadine, Audrey, and Victoria bring tap shoes, leotard and tights. Blinky bring tap shoes and comfortable street clothes. All should bring sheet music. Accompanist provided. All singers should prepare a personality uptempo and a ballad from the traditional musical theatre repertoire (i.e., Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Rodgers and Hart, Porter, Gershwin, Kern, etc.). Actors auditioning for non-singing roles should prepare a one- to two-minute monologue. Bring current pix & resumes, stapled together. EQ. WORKSHOP CONTRACT.

Fri. Feb. 28--Eligible performers, 10AM-1, 1:30-4:30PM.

Breakdown--Nadine: 35, should be tallish (5'7' or more), extremely strong tapper who is also a jazz dancer, very theatrical diva, strong belter, the actress who plays this role in the workshop might subsequently be the standby for the role; Character Lady: 40-50, preferably small, plays a French milliner, Irish landlady, and Mexican landlady, must be funny and good with accents, needs to sing only with a simple patter song or "speak song" but does not have to sing at audition, prepare a brief monologue with French, Hispanic, or Irish accent; Uncle Bert: 50s-60s, African-American father figure with great warmth, owns a bar in the Bowery, should prepare a comedy monologue; Blinky: 30-40, former vaudevillian, now a stage manager, strong baritone, strong tapper; Audrey: 30-45, African-American, vaudevillian, any shape or size, strong soprano and belt, strong tapper, has a temper, but when she smiles the sun comes up; Victoria: 20-30, giddy actress, hyperactive, in love with show business, strong singer, strong tapper.


3/4 from 10AM-5:30PM at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC.

Stuart Howard Associates, Ltd., will be holding eligible performer auditions for "Bermuda Avenue Triangle" (previews April 5; opens May 11). Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, authors; Danny Daniels, dir.; Star Heart Prods., Inc., prod'r; Leonard Soloway, gen'l mgr. Auditions will be held at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC. Actors should prepare a brief comic monologue for audition. Note: This play, having been produced in Miami and Los Angeles, has most of its cast and understudies in place. EQ. OFF-BROADWAY CONTRACT.

Tues. March 4--Eligible performers, 10AM-5:30PM.

Seeking--Male understudy: about 50, to understudy Joseph Bologna, masculine, sexy, handsome, a stud, must be able to play and at times speak Italian legitimately; Female understudy: about 40, to understudy two daughters, one is the daughter of Renee Taylor, blonde, Jewish, not a Fran Drescher type, and other is an Italian, both are good-looking, well-built, leading ladies with comic flair.


3/11 & 3/12 at 10AM at Nola Studios, 250 W. 54 St., NYC.

The Starlight Vegas Company will be holding auditions for the 1997-98 cast (principals, ensemble, and stunt skaters) for its resident production of "Starlight Express," now in its fourth year at the Las Vegas Hilton (rehearsals start June 23, opens Sept. 9, one-year contract). Arlene Phillips, dir./choreo. No monitor required. Auditions will be held at Nola Studios, 250 W. 54 St., NYC. Performers should be ready to dance first and be prepared to sing a contemporary rock song and a ballad. Bring knee pads, flat dance shoes, and sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. There will be no roller skating at the initial audition. Roller skating experience is not required. All Equity and eligible performers will be seen first. All others will be seen, time permitting. "Starlight Express" operates under an Equity agreement governing employment in "Starlight Express," Las Vegas. EQ. SPECIAL AGREEMENT.

Tues. March 11--Eligible male dancer/singers, 10AM.

Wed. March 12--Eligible female dancer/singers, 10AM.

Principal role breakdown--Pearl: strong dancer, pop belt to an F; Dinah: good dancer, strong country & western belt; Rusty: good dancer, pop high baritone/tenor to an A; Poppa: strong blues/black gospel sound to a B flat; Electra: strong dancer, "Prince" type rock voice to an A flat; Greaseball: strong mover, rock 'n' roll baritone to an A.


3/7 at 10AM (sign-in at 9:30AM) at Carson Studios, 250 W. 54 St., 10th fl., NYC.

An open call for Hispanic and African-American female singers will be held for Disney's "The Lion King" at Carson Studios, 250 W. 54 St., 10th fl., NYC. Walt Disney Theatrical Prods., prod'rs; Julie Taymor, dir.; Elton John, Tim Rice, score; Hans Zimmer, Lebo M, Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, additional music; Irene Mecchi, Roger Allers, book; Joseph Church, mus'l dir.; Garth Fagan, choreo.; Binder Casting, casting. Rehearsals begin May 12. Opens in Minneapolis on July 7. Previews in NYC begin Oct. 27, opens in NYC on Nov. 20. You must sign-in no later than 12noon. Prepare one rock 'n' roll song that shows off your voice and range. No Broadway show tunes. You do not need to be a member of Actors' Equity or an eligible performer to attend this call. Bring sheet music. Pianist provided. Bring a picture and resume, stapled together. No monitor required. EQ. BVTVI (BUENA VISTA THEATRICAL VENTURES, INC.) CONTRACT.

Fri. March 7--Open call, Hispanic and African-American female singers, 10AM (sign-in begins at 9:30AM).

Seeking--Shenzi: late 20s-mid-40s, funny, maniacal, female hyena, street-smart and urban, should have a strange, arresting face with a distinctive character voice, dance skills are necessary, must sing, specifically seeking Hispanic and African-American act

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