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The Millbrook Playhouse, a non-Equity summer theatre located in central Pennsylvania, is accepting resumes for the following roles. For "Nunsense" (Bert Bernardi, dir.), seeking--Reverend Mother and Sr. Hubert. For "Phantom" (Bert Bernardi, dir.), seeking--Carlotta, Philippe, and Carriere. For "Once on This Island" (director TBA), seeking--Tonton, Asaka, and Little Ti Moune. For "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" (Rob Krausz, dir. and author of "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah), seeking--Male roles. Specify which role(s) you are interested in. Salary, plus room and board, provided. Send all resumes to Ross Meyerson, Producing Artistic Director, PO Box 161, Mill Hall, PA 17751. NON-EQUITY PERFORMERS.


6/7 from 6-8PM at Pink Inc, 62 Grand St., NYC.

Once In A Blue Moon Cinema is seeking African-American actresses and actors, and a Caucasian actor for an Equity Staged Reading of an African play. Auditions will be held Fri. June 7 from 6-8PM at Pink Inc, 62 Grand St., NYC. Prepare a monologue. Equity/non-Equity. Ayana Cahrr, (212) 283-1888. Transportation and pay. EQUITY/NON-EQUITY PERFORMERS.

(The following groups charge their members dues or have special requirements such as selling advertisement space in programs. In order to be eligible for this casting category, company dues must only go towards production costs and not exceed $50 a month. Companies which ask for more or charge for classes, workshops or administrative salaries as a prerequisite of membership must run display ads.)


Julian Nolan Improv Theatre is now holding auditions for both WIGS (Womans Improv Group) and Endangered Improv. Company dues are $50 per month, which covers publicity and production costs. Send pix & resumes to 70 University Pl., #5, NYC 10003, Attn.: Julian Nolan.


Casting for the "war" storyline on the real-life soap opera "Yianni Stamas Diary" (Sundays, 6:30PM on Time-Warner cable channel 35, Manhattan only). Now seeking--All types: non-union, to play the opposing philosophical camps of "Larry-ites," "Dolphin People," "W.A.L.L.-ers" and members of "The 4th." No pay. Send pix & resumes to Y.S.E.C. Studios (Yianni Stamas Entertainment Company), PO Box 21021, NYC 10023. Performers cast in this project may be asked to appear in related projects, for which there will be membership dues of $25-$35 per month. NON-UNION PERFORMERS.


Theater For A New Generation is now seeking African-American actors to join resident company. Seeking all types. To set up appointment, call George Spencer at (718) 452-4666. Non-union. $10 per week fee for first 10 weeks if selected for company, but not cast in current production, to go toward production costs. Weekly company meetings are held on Saturdays from 1-3PM and 3:30-5:30PM. Paid positions.


ACT-NY (Actors Company Theatre of New York) is casting its upcoming season. Founded in 1982. Artistic director worked with Strasberg, Meisner, and Stella Adler. After a one-month hiatus, ACT-NY is seeking versatile and non-prima donna actors and actresses, all ages and types. Eclectic annual season includes: Shakespeare's "Much Ado ," "Hamlet," or "Macbeth" (TBA), "Vampyres" (time-traveling, dark, witty), "Hamlet 2000" (Monty Python meets Woody Allen), "Insuring Your Dreams" (witty look inside showbiz), "False Positive" (heterosexual HIV, proceeds go to AIDS charities), several industry scene nights, "Beyond the Edge" (relationship comedy-pathos interwoven scenes), and "My Dearly Defeated" (romantic comedy). Other shows TBA. Rehearsals and performances in theatre district. $50 monthly dues offset production expenses. Actors paid on ticket sales. Producers state, "company strives for supportive, family-like, holistic atmosphere." Attitude and commitment are as important as training/credits. Wednesday-night meeting. Auditions are Wed. June 12 from 7-10PM. Call (212) 539-6605 ASAP for an appointment.


6/10 from 3-6PM at the Impact Theatre, 612 8th Ave., NYC.

Impact Theatre is currently interviewing directors and auditioning actors for a very busy spring and summer season. The theatre has a play-reading group which meets weekly where the company members read and critique the works of new playwrights. These one-act and full-length plays are developed and showcased for eight performances. No pay. Monthly dues are $40 per month to contribute to production expenses. An open call will be held on Mon. June 10 from 3-6PM at the Impact Theatre, 612 8th Ave. (between 39th and 40th Sts.), NYC. Prepare a short monologue. Actors and directors who can't make the audition should send pix & resumes to Impact Theatre, 612 8th Ave., NYC 10018.


Nothing Sacred (tm) finishes up a run this Saturday at Grove St. Playhouse and will be casting for replacements. Seeking talented improvisers/actors with a good sense of writing for this improvisational sketch comedy ensemble. Dues are $30 per month to cover rehearsal space. Send pix & resumes ASAP to Mark Nutting, 435 Ft. Washington Ave., #4F, NYC 10033.


6/10, 6/11, & 6/12 from 9:30AM-1:30, 2:30-5:30PM at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., Studio B, NYC.

Playwrights Horizons will hold eligible performer auditions at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., Studio B, NYC. Prepare contemporary monologues. Any questions regarding the auditions should be addressed to the AEA Audition Center. The auditions will be conducted by Janet Foster, casting dir., or Sarah Rayer, casting ass't. Lunch will be from 1:30-2:30PM each day. EQ. OFF-B'WAY CONTRACT.

Mon. June 10--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-1:30, 2:30-5:30PM.

Tues. June 11--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-1:30, 2:30-5:30PM.

Wed. June 12--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-1:30, 2:30-5:30PM.


6/11 from 9:30AM-5:30PM at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC.

Auditions for a new musical based on the life of Harry Houdini will be held at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC. NCTC Foundation, prod'r; William Scott Duffield, music/lyrics; James Racheff, book/lyrics; Gabriel Barre, dir./choreo.; Greg Dlugos, mus'l dir.; Jane Bergre, casting. Rehearsals begin July 1 in New York. Performances are July 26-27, Aug. 2-3. Musical style is eclectic; pop rock through legit. Prepare a ballad and a character piece. EQ. LOA.

Tues. June 11--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-5:30PM.

Seeking principal roles--Harry: tenor, 20s-30s, physical, confident, extremely charismatic; Bess: soprano, 20s-30s, adores Harry, strong, supportive; Theo: baritone, 20s-30s, Harry's brother, attractive, scheming brains, practical; Mama: mezzo-soprano, 40s-50s, matriarch, domineering, confident in her children's ability; Martin Beck: bass, 40s-50s, clever, witty, impresario who discovers Harry; Ensemble: six men and four women.


6/11 from 9:30AM-1, 2-5:30PM & 6/12 from 9:30AM-1, 1:30-5PM at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC.

Sharon Stage in Sharon, CT, will be holding eligible performer auditions for "Dreamland," a new Harold Arlen musical at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC. Michael Gill, managing dir.; Leonard Foglia, dir.; Alan Filderman, casting. Mus'l dir. and choreo. TBA. Rehearsals begin July 29; show runs Aug. 20-Sept. 1. Auditioners should prepare an up and a ballad, standard Broadway of '20s-'40s. All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to attend these auditions. EQ. LOA (REF: LORT D).

Tues. June 11--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-1, 2-5:30PM.

Wed. June 12--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-1, 1:30-5PM.

Seeking--Melissa and Bea: two female singers who move very well, late 20s-late 30s, must be dynamite singer-actresses adept at this style of music, excellent lyric interpreters with great style and personality; Bill and Ken: two male singers who move very well, late 20s-late 30s, must be dynamite singer-actors adept at this style of music, excellent lyric interpreters with great style and personality. Bill is a great-looking hotshot. Ken is more of an average sweet guy. Also seeking--Male bartender and Hat check girl: two dancers who sing, 20s-30s, must be excellent jazz dancers with great personalities and must sing well.


6/14 & 6/17 from 9:30AM-1, 2-5:30PM at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC.

Paper Mill Playhouse will hold eligible principal auditions for the plays being considered for its 1996-97 season at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC. Angelo Del Rossi, exec. prod'r; Robert Johanson, artistic dir.; Heather Bennett, casting dir. Those of minority backgrounds and the physically disadvantaged are encouraged to attend. Prepare a brief monologue in British dialect. For "Jane Eyre," a memorized passage from the Charlotte Bronte novel is preferred; there will be doubling of some roles. Note that daytime rehearsals and performances are required. No phone calls to the theatre. EQ. COST CONTRACT.

Fri. June 14--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-1, 2-5:30PM.

Mon. June 17--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-1, 2-5:30PM.

For "Out of Order" (Jan. 1-Feb. 9, a British farce by Ray Cooney), seeking--Richard Willey: a suave and successful man and a Junior Minister in the government in his 40s; George Pigden: an upright, pleasant man of nervous disposition in his 40s, the comic lead; The Manager: a severe man in his 40s; The Waiter: a nimble and wily old servant; The Maid: a plump Italian woman in her 50s; Jane Worthington: an attractive, but dizzy young lady in her early 30s; A Body: a nondescript middle-aged man; Ronnie: an angry young man in his early 30s; Pamela Willey: an attractive, sophisticated woman in her 40s; Gladys: a bossy, but attractive woman in her 40s. For "Jane Eyre" (Feb. 19-March 29, an adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte novel by Robert Johanson), seeking--Jane Eyre: a classically trained, dramatic actress in her early 20s, intelligent, articulate, plain, but not ordinary, with a deep quietness and intensity that can translate to the stage, looking for a new young actress, i.e. a young Emma Thompson, a young Julie Harris, or a young Jane Alexander; Young Jane Eyre: 10-12; Rochester: late 30s, a strong, large, passionate, brooding, wealthy landowner, capable of great warmth and love; Mrs. Reed: early 40s, a crotchety woman, set in her ways and thoughts; St. John Rivers: late 20s, a very attractive, marble-like parson with a definite goal to better the world; Diana Rivers: early 20s, an intelligent, pretty governess, warm and generous, a natural leader; Mrs. Fairfax: 40s-50s, a solid, friendly head-housekeeper; Miss Temple: early 30s, a kind, caring, thoughtful, and intelligent headmaster; Adele: 10-12, must speak French, adorable and spoiled; Helen Burns: 12-13, calm and philosophical, with intelligence and knowledge beyond her years; Mr. Brooklehurst: late 30s, a tall, hard, penny-pincher; Grace Poole: stern, prim, and odd, a seamstress and the keeper of Bertha Rochester; Miss Ingram: mid-20s, snobbish, beautiful, Hispanic, above everyone without money.


6/13 & 6/14 from 10AM-6PM at Musical Theatre Works, 440 Lafayette St., Room 5E, NYC.

An eligible performers and an open call will be held for a TYA live tour of the children's program "The Magic School Bus." Rehearsals are in mid-September. Tour begins in October. Auditions will be held at Musical Theatre Works, 440 Lafayette St., Room 5E, NYC. As this Emmy-Award program has established characters, producers will be casting those "types." All performers will first be asked to perform a one-minute comic monologue and, if necessary, read from the script, sing (bring music), and/or dance (stage movement). All auditioners are strongly advised to view program on Sundays at 10:30AM in New York, Channel 13, or rent videotapes available in children's section. David Hyatt, dir. Produced by Bus Adventures Live, Inc., Chicopee, MA, (413) 592-4184. Monitor arrives at 9AM for eligible call only. EQ. TYA CONTRACT.

Thurs. June 13--Eligible females (Ms. Frizzle), 10AM-2PM (sign-up at 9AM).

Thurs. June 13--Open call for females (Ms. Frizzle), 2-6PM.

Fri. June 14--Eligible performers (Students), 10AM-2PM (sign-up at 9AM).

Fri. June 14--Open call (Students), 2-6PM.

Seeking--Ms. Frizzle: middle-aged science teacher; Students: five multi-ethnic/cultural types (Arnold, Wanda, Keesha, Carlos, Dorothy Ann), must be able to physically and characteristically portray characters who are no older than 12, and must have completed high school or equivalent. Also seeking (will be cast from these auditions)--Character woman: for bit parts; Three ASM/understudies.

"1-2-3 IMAGINE!"

6/12 from 10AM-1PM at New Dance Group, 254 W. 47 St., NYC.

"Sesame Street Live: 1-2-3 Imagine!," the Equity touring company produced by VEE Corporation, is holding eligible performer auditions for the live character role of Sam the Postman at New Dance Group, 254 W. 47 St., NYC. Prepare a one-minute, up-tempo Broadway show tune; also have a prepared ballad if asked. Bring sheet music; accompanist will be provided. Wear comfortable clothes; combinations will be taught. Be prepared to stay until late afternoon for immediate callbacks. Bring a picture and resume. Roger Castellano, dir.; Sherilyn Draper Rook, choreo. Rehearsals begin mid-July with opening mid-August. Tour runs approximately nine months throughout the United States and Canada. Non-eligible performers will be seen time permitting. VEE Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer; inquiries: Kari Thompson, (612) 375-9670. EQ. TYA CONTRACT.

Wed. June 12--Eligible performers, 10AM-1PM.

Seeking--Sam: male, a singer-actor who moves well, a cross between Peter Pan and Harold Hill, has the energetic enthusiasm of perpetual youth along with the persuasive powers of a silver-tongued salesman, 20s-40s.


6/13 & 6/14 from 9:30AM-5:30PM at the AEA Audition Center, 2nd fl., NYC.

An eligible performer audition will be held for "Radio Gals" (the John Houseman Theater) at the AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC. Elliot Martin, prod'r; Marcia Milgrom Dodge, dir.; Mike Craver & Mark Hardwick, book & score; Pat McCorkle, Tim Sutton, casting. Rehearsals begin on Aug. 27 for an October opening. Actors should prepare one song reminiscent of the '20s-'30s. This musical takes place in the mid-1920s in Hazel Hunt's Parlor in Cedar Ridge, AR. EQ. OFF-B'WAY CONTRACT.

Thurs. June 13--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-5:30PM.

Fri. June 14--Eligible performers, 9:30AM-5:30PM.

Seeking--Hazel Hunt: 45-60, no-nonsense, clear-eyed, but maternal, plays comedy, but moves somewhat slowly, retired, runs a non-sanctioned radio station out of her living room, sings, lead, seeking star; Gladys: 30-45, soprano (sings to B, two octaves above middle C), more dramatic than Hazel, thin, high-strung, excitable, more fashionable, seeking star; O.B. Abbott: 30-45, tenor (sings to G above middle C), round around the edges, good-humored but a little randy, traveling salesman type, must play some instrument well (i.e. accordion, banjo, piano), seeking star; One woman: 35-50, soprano to understudy Hazel Hunt and Gladys Fritts; One woman: 25-35, mezzo, to understudy America and Rennabelle, two cousins (must play fiddle, flute, clarinet, saxophone, ukelele, bongos, drums, trumpet, and bass), also tap dances and yodels (but not at the same time); One man: 30-45, to understudy O.B. Abbott; One man: 35-50, to understudy Azilee Swindle and Mabel Swindle, two well-dressed elderly women, friends and associates of Hazel's (must play upright bass, tuba, guitar, theremin, ukelele, drums, xylophone, and piano).


The Catskill Actors Theatre (two hours outside of NYC in Highland Lake, NY--Sullivan County) is looking to cast four roles (two Equity and two non-Equity) for its upcoming production of "Bus Stop," to be directed by Michael Sexton (director of recent Obie-winner "Wally's Ghost"). Four-week commitment: July 15-Aug. 10. Non-Equity roles qualify for EMC points. Equity (will consider non-Equity) roles--Cherie: a chanteuse, "a young blonde pretty girl of about 20, pretty in a fragile, girlish way. Her makeup has been applied under the influence of too many 50s movies. Her lipstick creates a voluptuous pair of lips that aren't her own. But despite all these defects, her prettiness is still apparent and she has the appeal of a little bird"; Bo Decker: "early 20s cowboy, tall and slim and good-looking in an outdoors sort of way, raw and enthusiastic, the embodiment of an untamed West." Strictly non-Equity roles--Will: 40s, big man, sheriff, a quietly imposing man; Carl: 40s, bus driver, natty in his bus line uniform. Submit pix & resumes immediately to Chris Hansen-Nelson, 116 Pinehurst Ave., No. A21, NYC 10033. Auditions will be June 19. EQ. SPT CONTRACT.


The Oldcastle Theatre Company is now accepting pix & resumes from Equity actors for the role of John Barrymore in "I Hate Hamlet" (rehearsals begin July 9; play opens July 26, closes Aug. 10). Oldcastle is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and works under an EQ. SPT contract. Pay is $275 per week plus Equity benefits, housing and transportation. Send resumes to Eric Peterson, Artistic Director, Oldcastle Theatre Company, PO Box 1555, Bennington, VT 05201. EQ. SPT CONTRACT.


Princeton Repertory Company, AEA (SPT), will be holding auditions for its annual Shakespeare in the Square Festival's "The Comedy of Errors" in Princeton, running in September. Auditions will be held Sat. June 29 from 10AM-6PM and Sun. June 30 from 1:30-7PM at the Arts Council of Princeton, 102 Witherspoon St., Princeton, NJ. Submit pix & resumes to Princeton Repertory Company, 44 Nassau St., Suite 350, Princeton, NJ 08542. Submissions must be received by June 24. You will be contacted with an appointment time. EQ. SPT

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