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Chow Yun-Fat Says He's Misunderstood

Chow Yun-Fat Says He's Misunderstood

Hong Kong (AP) -- Actor Chow Yun-fat says he is misunderstood in Hollywood, where he is cast mostly in action films involving gunplay.

"I'm unlucky. Nobody understands me," the Ming Pao Daily News quoted Yun-fat as telling a group of university students. "But I can wait. I hope someone who understands me will come along."

Chow said Hollywood is fixated on his on-screen gunfighter style, the Wen Wei Po newspaper reported Saturday.

"Foreigners look me up because of John Woo's movies, only because they see that my gun scenes are good," Chow said, referring to the Hong Kong director who has also moved on to Hollywood.

Woo directed Chow in the Hong Kong productions "A Better Tomorrow" and "Hard Boiled," which showcased Chow's action-scene prowess. But the actor also starred in romance films such as "An Autumn's Tale," and "Love in a Fallen City."


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