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Last week's Stage Spot on Blair Ross (BSW, 7/31/03) featured the photo of this week's Stage Spot actor Kristen Bell.

Also, John LaLonde, not Craig Mitchell, was the "taller, leaner Gene Kelly" who brought "ginger and a beautiful baritone" to the role of Professor Harold Hill" in Candlelight Pavilion's production of The Music Man. Mitchell, wrongly credited in last week's Random Sightings (BSW, 7/31/03), played salesman Charlie Cowell.

Also, in last week's Spotlight on Student Films (BSW, 7/31/03), both Mark Rydell and Burt Brinckerhoff were listed as former students of UCLA professor Delia Salvi when in fact they were just directors interviewed for her book Friendly Enemies.

Back Stage West regrets these errors.

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