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The listing for Rick Von Schnier was omitted from last week's list of Acting Schools and Coaches. It reads as follows: RICK VON SCHNIER is a private coach who focuses primarily on audition preparation (monologue, scene work, and cold reading). Rick has specific training and experience in Stanislavski, Meyerhold's biomechanics, improvisation, Chekhov, and Shakespeare. A firm believer that no one method or technique applies to every situation, he helps students explore the creative process of acting by customizing coaching sessions. For Shakespeare, he employs, among others, the "Folio technique" to reveal and explore the mysteries of the text. Von Schnier holds an MFA from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MFA from the Moscow Art Theatre School. All levels. Call for rates. (213) 530-1055.

The listing for Jack Kosslyn was also omitted. It reads as follows: JACK KOSSLYN, a veteran actor, director, casting director, and studio talent coach, trained at the Actors' Lab. He emphasizes scene study and monologues in his weekly workshop, which also covers cold reading and some improv. The cost is $125 per month, with students allowed to audit after an interview. Private coaching is available. (323) 656-1591.

Also, in the listing, Mitchell Nestor's contact number was printed incorrectly. The correct number is: (310) 444-7177.

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