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Last week's listing of West Coast Acting Schools and Coaches (9/25/97) contained a few mistakes. First, the general manager of Primetime Actors Studio is Jerry Cousins, not John Robert, as listed. Also in the Primetime listing, Joseph Hacker's class, the Audition Solution, is wrongly listed as a six-week course; it is 12 weeks. Finally, Primetime also offers classes, taught by Richard Winter, in Classical Acting for Film and Voice and Speech.

Also, the listing for Brian Collins' Earprompter described the device as "a nearly invisible headset to feed actors and speakers their lines in emergency situations." Collins called to correct us: The Earprompter is in fact a "tiny earpiece the size of a fingernail; it fits in your ear and no one sees it." And as for "emergency situations," Collins said the device is designed to be used by public speakers, TV personalities, and actors as a matter of course in speeches, infomercials, and auditions.

Finally, in the listing for acting coach Cathleen Leslie, her quoted reference to "professional students" was meant in the sense that professional working actors study with her, not in the derogatory sense that her students do nothing but study. Also, she now charges $160 a month, not $225, as listed.

Also, in our review of Nebraska (9/11/97), which garnered as a Critic's Pick, a typographical oversight excised critic Sally Johnson's praise for the actors Austin Kelly, whom she called "wet and oozy as Major Gurney," and Suanne Spoke, whom she said "dazzles as the Major's wife."

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