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Council Snubs Mayor; DCA Gets $101M For Now

As of last Tuesday afternoon, New York City's Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) was doing quite well, thank you. The City Council had voted to override Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's veto of the council's $34 billion budget. That gave DCA a total of $101.2 million, negating the mayor's attempt to cut the arts budget to $87.4 million.

The council's DCA budget allocated the programs unit, which provides funding for nonprofit theatres, with $13.8 million. Most of the rest of the DCA funds, some 85% of the department's budget, goes to the Cultural Institutions Group, major arts facilities such as City Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Councilman Tom Duane, whose district includes many of the city's Broadway and Off-Broadway theatres, expects the mayor to impound funds from many of the programs approved by the council. That would lead the council to take the mayor to court, seeking release of the funds.

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