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Creating an Original Role: Quotes

"I'm not as trusting of a new script as I am of one that's tried and true."

- Brian Murray

"Susan Smith had such a huge, god awful secret that I would say that really informed me in terms of how that would affect one physically, keeping that inside."

- Sally Murphy

"What the actor does is storytelling. You know the story, the audience doesn't—you have to keep them interested. Ralph Richardson called it 'dreaming.' "

- George S. Irving

"I want to try something that's uncomfortable a jillion times to see if I can make it work. Sometimes, it will unlock something in the character for you."

- Lynn Cohen

"I would say to Frank Wildhorn, 'The song's not building' or 'I don't think we need this modulation here.' And we would talk about what the emotional moment was in relation to moments coming up, and we would make adjustments to that."

- Douglas Sills

"If I were doing a character based on a living person, I'd love to speak to her—it would be arrogant not to!"

- Evalyn Baron

"I like to create characters from scratch, because you get to really work them—there's an extraordinary period of exploration and development when everything is new."

- William Parry

"I always like to wear the shoes that the character is going to be wearing—to literally be in my character's shoes during rehearsals."

- Cady Huffman

"I walked in and Paul Rudnick [the author of 'Jeffrey'] looked at my resume and he said, 'Are you really in "Cats"?' And I just quipped back, ' and forever.' And he ended up rewriting it."

- Bryan Batt

"I tend to say if my soul fits the role, the physical will fall in place."

- Laurie Kennedy

"If I focus on the words first, I'm not so worried about the results, or trying to hit an emotional high or low."

- Rob A. Wilson

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