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'Deadman' to Live Again on Big Screen

Guillermo del Toro is teaming up with Don Murphy's Angry Films to bring cult DC Comics superhero "Deadman" to the big screen.

Del Toro is in negotiations to develop the comics-to-film adaptation, which would be produced by del Toro, Murphy and Susan Montford.

Deadman is the ghost of a circus acrobat named Boston Brand, who was murdered during a trapeze performance. His spirit was granted the power by a Hindu goddess to possess any living being in order to find his killer. In the ensuing search, Brand finds himself obliged to help others. The hero was created in 1967 by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino and is known for a run of issues by artist Neal Adams.

A search for writers is under way.

"I have been producing features for first- and second-timers in Spain and Latin America, and I would to do the same here," del Toro said in an interview. "If there is a window and an opportunity, I could end up directing but right now, I am only producing."

About the superhero, del Toro said: "(Deadman) has great supernatural elements and is one of the more off-kilter superheroes. What I like is that it has some of the canon of horror films but it has a quest and the heroics in the more traditional superhero roots. It's a great combination that is not very common to superheroes."

Dan Lin is overseeing for the studio. Gregory Noveck oversees for DC Comics.

Angry Films is in post on "Shoot 'Em Up," an action movie starring Clive Owen, and is one of the companies behind Michael Bay's "Transformers."

Del Toro will be at San Diego Comic-Con International talking about his upcoming fantasy film "Pan's Labyrinth," which opens Dec. 29 in North America. He is attached to direct "Hellboy 2" and "Killing on Carnival Row." He is repped by ICM and Exile Entertainment.


Borys Kit writes for The Hollywood Reporter.

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