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Donald Kinney (prod.) is accepting submissions for Demons, a 16mm contemporary American folk tale set in a Midwestern rural town. Dir. Robert Kinney. Two-week shoot starts May 1 in Knoxville, TN. Copy, credit, meals, travel, and lodging provided. There is pay.

Breakdown—Allie: Caucasian, 35-45, Dip's mother, stubborn, hardworking, farm woman; Dip: Caucasian, 18-21 to play 16-17, Allie's son, skittish farm boy, nudity and gay intimacy required.

Send pix & resumé to Monozygote Productions, Ogawa Dai 2 Building 301, 2-4-5 Yatsu, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan 362-0042. For information access NON-UNION.

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