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Did Anne Hathaway Audition for 'Les Mis' at Oscars?

Did Anne Hathaway Audition for 'Les Mis' at Oscars?
Photo Source: ABC

Much has been made of Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway’s performances in the big-screen adaption of the musical “Les Misérables,” but this isn’t the first time the two have sang together before. It’s not even the first time Jackman has carried Hathaway in his arms. When Jackman hosted the 2009 Academy Awards, he pulled an “unsuspecting” Hathaway out of the audience to participate in his opening number. In a medley of songs about the nominated films, the two paid tribute to “Frost/Nixon” with Jackman as the interviewer Frost and Hathaway playing Nixon, even though, as she sang, “Frank Langella was sitting right next to me.”  

Two years later, when it was Hathaway’s turn to host, she even gave audiences a preview of another show-stopping tune from “Les Mis,” belting out a rendition of “On My Own” directed at Jackman—the joke being that Hathaway was hoping the two would reunite for a number at the 2011 Oscars but Jackman turned her down. At the time, neither was officially cast in the film version and director Tom Hooper, who was in attendance that night with "The King's Speech," was not formally signed on to direct. Perhaps this served as Hathaway’s audition? Watch the videos below!

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