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Equity to Picket 'Music'

Equity will implement an information picket on the nonunion "The Sound of Music" tour starring Barry Williams (best known as Greg Brady of television's "The Brady Bunch") at Pittsburgh's Benedum Center on Tues., Nov. 21.

Troika Productions, a company that has sometimes used Equity contracts, is producing the show. Troika has decided it cannot afford Equity contracts for "Music," even though they call the show part of the "Broadway Series" and charge similar ticket prices to the series' Equity shows, according to Equity's website. Stagehands and musicians with the show are working under union contracts.

Williams had been an Equity member since 1974 until he decided to join this nonunion tour, in violation of Equity's rules. "Conveniently, Williams dropped his membership so that he can draw a big paycheck while his fellow performers work for substandard wages," said Equity President Patrick Quinn. "Williams' scabbing undermines the strength of our union and our ability to achieve fair wages and working conditions for actors everywhere."

Equity has begun disciplinary proceedings against Williams, and will request that SAG and AFTRA institute similar proceedings.

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